Aishwarya Verma (UPSC,IAS), age, date of birth, marksheet, biography, coaching, attempt, optional subject, 10th & 12th percentage, booklist & more

Aishwarya Verma (UPSC,IAS), age, date of birth, marksheet, biography, coaching, attempt, optional subject, 10th & 12th percentage, booklist & more

Aishwarya Verma

Aishwarya Verma biography and Wikipedia

He is born in Maddhapradesh, Ujjain district, Nagda. Nagda is his hometown. His father is in the corporate world so they change his location from time to time. Right now he lived in UP, barley. He completed his initial schooling at Nagda.

Age– 28

Date of birth- 30.06.1994

Cast- General

Height- 5.6 ft

His family & friends support him throughout his UPSC journey.

He told us that without his family’s support he could not be able to make it his father told him that “there are two kinds of people who learn from other’s mistakes and there is another person who learns from other’s mistakes” So throughout his journey his father and mother keep supporting him emotionally and financially.

Aishwarya Verma  father

He especially thanks some of his friends, Amit Kamboj, Krishna Mohan Singh, Lalit Kumar, and Ankur Agarwal who also help him in this long 4years journey.

“even more”

He told us that his teacher Sachin Arora, help him, and he consistently pinpoint his mistakes.

Aishwarya Verma mother

What are Aishwarya Verma’s 10th and 12th percentages and her educational background?

He completed his 10th class with 75% marks and he gets 81% in class 12th. He completed his 10th and 12th schooling at Uttarakhand holy child school and he completed his electric engineering degree in 2017 from Pantnagar university Uttarakhand.

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When does he think to give UPSC exam?

He shares a little story about this- When he is in class 6th stander his school teacher asks in the class what do you want to be when you grow up? among the students, someone told, her that he want to become an IAS officer, and this school teacher appreciate him, so Aishwarya comes from his school and ask his mother what is ias? and his mother explain it to him. Since then he wanted to become an IAS officer. When he is in the final year of his engineering degree he thought about his UPSC examination.

How many attempts did he take to clear the UPSC examination?

He took four attempts to clear the UPSC examination. In the year in the year 2017, he took his first attempt at the UPSC examination, unfortunately, he was not able to clear the prelims examination.

in his second attempt (2018) he wasn’t able to clear the mains examination

in his third attempt (2019) again he failed in the mains examination.

In his final attempt (2020) he cleared this examination. He not only cleared this UPSC examination but he found himself in 4th position all over India.

Did he take coaching for UPSC preparation?

Yes, he comes to Delhi and joined the Vajiram foundation course after taking coaching for one and half years he had gone back home, and after that, he prepared for the UPSC examination in his own house basically from self-study.

Did she quit social media when she was preparing for the UPSC examination?

He told us that he did not quit social media throughout his UPSC preparation. He told us that you can get in touch with your friends through social media and this is a good thing, one more factor is that he is preparing for the UPSC examination for long four years if you are quite social or using of internet then this is not a good thing.

What is his optional subject?

Geography is his optional subject. he chose this subject because geography is an integrated part of GS1 and he feels that he understands geography and the second thing was study materials for geography are easily available in the market and online.

How many hours did he study for UPSC examination?

He makes a target every day and he does not count time how many hours it takes to complete the target. Sometimes it takes 7 hrs to time 9hrs but he completed the target every day. He believes regularity is the big factor in this examination, You have to focus on your preparation.

How did he handle his demoralization & and motivate himself?

When he feel demoralization and demotivated that time he talk with his friends and with his parents. That time he try to avoid study and hangout with family or friends even he takes brakes from studi for two or three days. Cricket is his favourite sport so sometime he played cricket with little boys for refreshment.

Aishwarya Verma UPSC marksheet

Essay (paper I)130
General Studies 1 (papaer II)118
General Studies 2 (papaer III)120
General Studies 3 (papaer IV)099
General Studies 4 (papaer V)113
Optional 1 (Geography) (paper VI)142
Optional 2 (Geography ) (paper VII)138
Written Total860
Personality test179
Final total1039

Aishwarya Verma UPSC booklist and advice

Aishwarya Verma booklist for GS1

History-  Freedom Struggle– A brief history of modern India By spectrum, Post-Independence India– Nitin Sangwan book, World History– vision ias notes,

Art & Culture– Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania, Ancient India– by RS Sharma, Medieval India– by Satish Chandra. Basically, he uses theme-based preparation

Geography- Ncert books of class 12th, certificate Physical & human geography By GC Leong, Oxford student atlas for India. use diagrams and maps, you have to practice it because this is very important.

Social issue- He makes his own notes on the diversity of India, regionalism, secularism

Aishwarya Verma booklist for GS2

Constitution and Polity– Shriram ias notes, Indian polity by Laxmikanth, Current affairs.

Governance– 2nd arc report, current affairs, static notes, current affairs

International Relationship– Ministry of external affairs website, vision main 365, newspaper

Aishwarya Verma booklist for GS3

Economy– Ncert books of class 10th to 12th, vision mains 365, current affairs, economics survey

Environment– Class 9th ncert book, Environment by Shankar IAS, PMF ias website.

Internal Security– Internal security & disaster management by- Ashok Kumar and Vipul, vision mains 365.

Disaster Management– 2nd arc third report-crisis management, NDMA guideline, current affairs

Science & Technology– Current affairs, newspaper

Aishwarya Verma booklist for GS4

Ethics– 2nd arc fourth report- Ethics in governance, Citizen-Centric administration, Lexicon for ethics, integrity & aptitude by chronicle

What is Aishwarya Verma salary as an IAS officer?

Basic pay87700
DA on TA712
Gross salary123,769
NPS detection8921
Total deduction8951
Net cross salary114848

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