Renu Raj, Ias, wikipedia, biography, age,date of birth, cast, rank, post, salary, husband, divorce, booklist, advice, parents, education, marksheet, Instagram.

Renu Raj, Ias, Wikipedia, biography, age, date of birth, caste, rank, post, salary, husband, divorce, booklist, advice, parents, education, mark sheet, Instagram. 

If you are looking for the Net worth of Dr. Renu Raj, you have come to the right place. She is an active doctor and married to Dr. L. S. Bhagat. Her net worth is estimated at 20 Crore INR. Let’s learn more about this talented doctor! Continue reading to discover her amazing wealth. The following is a brief biography of Dr. Renu Raj Ias.

Renu Raj ias

Dr. Renu raj ias Wikipedia and Biography

Born on 11 January 1987, Dr. Renu Raj Ias has a family background that is rich in medical knowledge. Her father is a retired KSRTC conductor and her mother is a homemaker. She has always excelled in academics and was listed among the top ten students in her 10th and 12th grades. After completing her MBBS, she worked for a government hospital, while preparing for civil services exams.

Born in Kerala, Dr. Renu Raj completed her schooling at St. Teresa Higher Secondary School. She then attended the Government Medical College and practiced medicine there. While in medical school, she always dreamed of being an IAS officer. Her husband is also a doctor, and her sisters are both doctors as well. As a result of her determination and hard work, Dr. Renu Raj joined the IAS in her first attempt.

Renu Raj ias family

Father name-  Latha V N

Mother name- M K Rajakumaran Nair

age- 35 (as per 2022)

Date of birth- 21.05.1987 (d/m/Y)

cast- General

date of joining- 12/06/2015

rank- Director of urban affairs 

posting- Kerala

Phone number- 944702…

Gmail-  rdodevikulam@subha8436

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Renu Raj

How Renu Raj Prepared for UPSC Exam 

The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams in the country. There are many young aspirants who wish to become IAS officers. While it is true that this exam requires a lot of hard work and dedication, many toppers have benefited from coaching classes. The coaching classes provided by metro cities give candidates an edge over others. But even if you’re not able to attend such classes, it’s important to follow some study tips from Renu Raj.

When she start her preparation for the UPSC exam, like the new aspirant of the UPSC exam she search on the web about the UPSC syllabus. She told us that you have prepared for UPSC prelims and mains at the same time because after the prelims result is out within fifteen days you have to give the mains exam. She started her preparation with class 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th ncert books. 

GS1- History- For her history is like a story, according to her in history you do not need to remember the dates or months or years, just remember what happened after what remember it’s like a sequence.

Geography- for geography she visualized a lot, she use youtube watched lots of videos, and see many images on the web. 

Renu Raj ias allocation latter

GS2- According to her paper two are connected with current affairs. when you write about the International relationship there will be a positive vision in your answer writing. Don’t write a negative thing about other countries rather write about solutions.

GS3- Current affairs is the main source for her gs3 preparation. She only read the newspaper and make notes from it and she revise it many times.

gs4- In this paper UPSC examiner wants to know about your personality. Take a Positive attitude when you write the answer it should be shown in your answer that you are a positive person. Your Honesty is also tested in this paper so never try to cheat in this paper. 

Renu Raj ias

Renu Raj current posting & rank

Her current posting was in Tamil Nadu, Kerala as a Director of urban affairs. She joined on 12.06.2015 as a Subcullector of Thrissur, Kerala. She works more than 2 years in Thrissur after that, the Tamilnadu government promoted her as a Director of urban affairs on 28.05.2020. 

Renu Raj married & Divorce & current husband

Renu Raj ias wedding

Dr. Renu Raj Ias has announced her marriage to Dr. L. S. Bhagat, a fellow IAS officer. Her first marriage ended in divorce and there is no information available on the net about the first husband of the collector.

After two years of her divorce, She again married Dr. Sriram Venkitaraman, a fellow IAS officer from the Kerala cadre. This is a love marriage, for the last two and a half years they are in a relationship after that on 29.04.2020 they got married. 

Renu Raj ias salary & net worth

Renu Raj ias salary

Right now she is in the 11th Pay matrix and it’s z class so the Indian government gives her 67,700 as basic pay + allowances like HRA rs- 16,248, DA rs- 11,509, TA rs- 3600, DA on TA rs- 612, So her gross salary was rs-99,669 + GOVT contribution was rs-11,089. but there are deductions like NPS rs- 7921, CGEGIS rs- 30, her total deduction was 7951, So her net cross salary was 91,718 rupes. 

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