{Topper} Ishwarya Ramanathan, ias, upsc, age, date of birth, biography, education, Wikipedia, rank, posting, marksheet, husband

Ishwarya Ramanathan, ias, Wikipedia, biography, age, date of birth, current posting, rank, salary, husband, booklist, advice for new students, height, cast, parents & more.

Ishwarya Ramanathan is a prudent IAS officer who has been a keen observer ever since joining the civil services. This article outlines some of the qualities that make her an outstanding IAS officer. 

Ishwarya Ramanathan

Ishwarya Ramanathan ias Wikipedia and biography

 At just 24 years of age, this IAS officer has already proved herself, proving the worth of a young IAS officer. Her first step to the top was a stint in the Indian Railway Account Service, where she cracked the CSE on her first attempt. But her ambition and drive made her reach her ultimate goal. She has made the IAS rungs in less than a year.

Her courage and perseverance won her many admirers. She has a beautiful appearance, an open heart, and a brilliant mind. She was also a very active child in school, participating in extracurricular activities. She was selected second in her state and was the highest-ranking female student in her class. The IAS officer also has an impeccable judicial record, which has helped her gain access to top government jobs.

Ishwarya Ramanathan

The IAS officer from Tamil Nadu, Iswarya Ramanathan, is a keen observer of people and places. She is very enthusiastic about her job and believes in putting her best efforts into whatever she does. She has been an IAS officer for less than a year. 

Father name- Atamaj Ramanathan

Mother name- Swarnalaxmi Ramanathan 

age- 25

date of birth- 08/05/1996 (m/d/y)

Rank- Assistant collector 

posting- Vellore, Tamilnadu 

Date of joining- 26.04.2021 (d/M/Y)

Cast- O.B.C

Height- 5.1

husband- Not married yet 

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Ishwarya Ramanathan

Ishwarya Ramanathan  – IAS Role Model

Do you remember the Tsunami in 2004 It was a disaster for Tamilnadu and her hometown Cuddalore was destroyed very badly. During that tough times an Ias officer MR. Gagandeep Singh Bedi come to the situation and help the people of Cuddalore in many ways, he arranged medicine, built houses for poor people, he arrange food for them. After seeing his work as an IAS officer Ishwarya Ramanathan took him as her role model and she wanted to become an Ias officer.

How Ishwarya Ramanathan Gets Free coaching class.

Ishwarya Ramanathan

She is doing her engineering at Anna University and this university has a club called the civil services club they arrange free coaching classes every weekend and she attend each and every class in her college. 

”Not only that”

there is one more free Ias academy in Chennai called Manidha naeyam Ias academy. She use to go there and arrange so many notes on different topics.

”Even more”

There is a government sponsor coaching center in Chennai that was called the all India civil service coaching center and this center also helps her.

How Ishwarya Ramanathan Prepared for UPSC exam & booklist

Ishwarya Ramanathan

She starts her Preparation in her college days. As becoming an IAS is her only goal in life that’s why she starts her preparation in her 2nd year of college in that time she starts researching, how to become an IAS officer and gathering information from Google about the UPSC syllabus.

After a few days of research, she finds out that Newspaper reading and NCERT books are very important so she starts reading newspaper and Ncert books.

she did free coaching in her college days because Anna university arranges many coaching classes in her college. Another thing is she watches many topper’s interviews on youtube and their answer papers. 

Booklist for prelims 

History- History of Modern Indian spectrum (Rajiv Ahir), India’s struggle for Independence (Bipin Chandra) according to Ishwarya Ramanathan these two books are enough for history. + if you wish you can read old ncert books (ancient India Class XI by- Rs Sharma), (Medieval India class IX by Satish Chandra),(Modern India class x By- Bipin Chandra)

Art and Culture- Ncert of class XI- an Introduction of Indian Art, Indian art and Culture by Nitin Singhania, Vision IAS Pt 365- Art and Culture Magazine.

Geography- Class 11th- Fundamentals of Physical Geography, class 11th- Indian Physical Environment + arm Ias Academy Notes, Certificate Physical and Human geography-Goh Cheng Leong, Oxford student Atlas For India, Orient black swan school atlas.

Polity:- Ncert textbooks- Politics in India since Independence, Contemporary world Politics, Political theory,

Class 11th- Indian constitution at work, Indian polity by M.Laxmkant, Wordbook on the constitution of India. 

Economy- Ncert class 10 notes= Understanding Economic Development, Class11- Indian Economic Development, Class 12th- Introduction to macroeconomics + Aram IAS academy notes, Indian Economy by= Ramesh Singh, Indian Economy key COncepts by= Shankar Ganesh, Mrunal sir economy notes, Economy Survey of India.

Environment:- Shankar Ias Environment book, Vision Ias PT 365 Environment Booklet, The Hindu newspaper.

Science and Technology:- Vision Ias PT 365- science and technology booklet + The Hindu newspaper. 

Current affairs- Pib press release, Infographics from My gov. in, Air news summary, Big picture- Rajyasabha or Big picture summary, weekly The Hindu videos, Govt websites, and annual report. 


Mains booklist

Gs1, Gs2, Gs3- Indian Heritage and culture- Ncert class XI- an Introduction to Indian art, Medieval Indian Ncert Books, Indian art And culture by Nitin Singhania, Vision ias- Art and culture magazine. 

Geography- Same as Prelims Booklist, Certificate Physical and human geography by- Goh Cheng Leong. 

Modern Indian History, The freedom Struggle- A Brief history of modern Indian Spectrum (Rajiv Ahir), Modern India (Class X) by Bipin Chandra, Indian’s struggle for Indipendendence by Bipin Chandra. 

Post-independence- Vision Ias materials on post-Independence. 

world history- New portions, Ncert books, Tamilnadu board history books, any academy material, No need to spend more time on this. 

Indian society- Indian society for civil services main examination GS Paper1 By= Kumar m. Senthil  & Rajesh s.

What is her optional subject in the UPSC exam? 

Ishwarya Ramanathan

Her optional subject

In her early days of preparation, she tries to figure out what should be her optional subject. After checking the previous year’s questions and syllabus she thinks sociology should be her optional subject. 

How many attempts did she take to clear the UPSC exam?

all together she take two attempts to clear the UPSC exam. In the year 2018, she gives her first UPSC exam and achieve an AIR 630 all-India rank and the Indian government allocated her to IRAS (Indian Railway accounts service) but she was not satisfied with herself that’s why in the year 2019 she was given UPSC exam and she secures all India rank Air 47 and become an IAS officer. 

Ishwarya Ramanathan’s Salary and net worth

Ishwarya Ramanathan salary

She is in level 10 in the pay matrix, Indian government gives her RS- 56100 as a basic salary but after including HRA- 13464, Da- 9537, Ta- 3600, DAon TA- 612 so her gross salary was 83313.

Ishwarya Ramanathan’s marriage and husband or boyfriend.

She did not married yet. Source told us that she doesn’t have any boyfriends till now. If we find anything about her marriage or about her boyfriend then we will update this post. 

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