Anu Kumari, IAS, Biography, Wikipedia, age, Date of birth, booklist, husband, cadre, mark sheet, advice marriage, son, salary, posting, Rank & more

Anu Kumari, IAS, Biography, Wikipedia, age, Date of birth, booklist, husband, cadre, mark sheet, advice marriage, son, salary, posting, Rank & more

Anu Kumari

Anu Kumari IAS was born on November 18, 1986, in Sonipat, Haryana. Her parents are Baljit Singh and Santro Devi. She has two elder brothers and a younger sister. Although she grew up in a well-established family with a stable job, she decided to become an IAS officer. She also had a child, aged two at the time, and she had to leave her home to attend the exam.

Anu Kumari Wikipedia & biography 

Anu Kumari childhood picture

Becoming an Ias officer is her childhood dream and when she is in college that time also she thinks about giving UPSC exam but that desire is not that strong. After completing college she joined a job and work for long 9 years but she did not satisfied with his job so internally. we all know it’s a tough job to crack and gathering the courage of leaving a high-paying job and starting upsc exam preparation needs too much guts, it’s tough for her to take a decision on it.

Anu Kumari childhood picture

 In the year 2016 results of the 2015 UPSC exam came out and her brother told her that a young lady named Tina Dabi became first in her first attempt. Her brother keeps giving pressure to give the UPSC exam even though she feel-up the UPSC form for her, on the other hand, her uncle is sending SMS to her and telling her “If you quit your job and start UPSC exam preparation then I will take care of you child & your’s also financially”. that’s giver her a boost in preparing for the UPSC exam, exactly at that moment, she decided to give UPSC exam. 

Anu Kumari is a Jat-Hindu from Sonipat, Haryana. Her parents are Baljit Singh and Santro Devi. She has one younger sister and two brothers. She gave up her lucrative job to study for the IAS examination. Her two siblings were also enrolled in the exam but did not get through. Anu Kumari’s father resigned from his post after failing the preliminary examination.

Anu studied Physics at the Hindu College in Delhi. She was a good student and was often encouraged by her teachers to take the civil service examination. She initially refused to take the exam, believing that she would need to work for her financial stability first. However, her uncle persuaded her to take the exam, believing that it would allow her to make a meaningful contribution to society. Anu passed the exam and is now a brand ambassador for the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign in the Sonipat district of Haryana.

Her father- Her father works at Jaipur Golden hospital as a personal officer, her mother was a housewife and she has two brothers and one sister.

Father name– Baljit Singh 

Mother name- Santro Devi 

date of birth– 11/18/1986

Age– 35

Cast- General

date of joining– 01/09/2018

Id number– 117L01

son name- Rihan 

Husband– Yes

P.H– 0490 2343500, 2342729

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Anu Kumari family

She is a working woman

After completing her MBA in finance and marketing she joined ICICI Prudential mutual fund in Bombay for three years then she changed her job and joined Aviva life insurance in Gurgaw. The IAS is not the only woman who has carved a niche for herself in the corporate world. In fact, the government has given plenty of opportunities to women in India, which explains the success of the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. Anu Kumari Ias is a working woman and woman who is passionate about children and women.

Anu Kumari with her husband

She studied Sociology as her optional subject

Anu Kumari IAS, who has achieved Rank 2 in the Union Public Service Commission, has studied Sociology as an optional subject for the IAS exams. She took no coaching for her General Studies or Optional subjects but instead participated in a test series to help her prepare for the exam. She also attended mock interviews conducted by different institutes to get a feel of what the interviewers would ask her.

She quit her job to prepare for the exam

After graduation, Anu Kumari had a well-paying job but decided to study for the IAS exam in order to be considered for a prestigious position. She was persuaded by her in-laws and husband to quit her job to study for the IAS exam. She was the only member of her family who had a regular source of income, and she had decided to become an IAS. But she didn’t have the time to devote to her studies at the in-laws’ place.

How She leave her two & half year son for her UPSC exam?

She thinks her son’s sacrifice is one of the biggest as well as greatest in her entire UPSC journey. For a two & half year boy, nothing is bigger than his mother and IAS Anu kumari’s mother took care of her son for long 2years and she supports her that’s why she gives credit for this huge success. 

Anu Kumari marriage

How does she deal with fear or negativity?

like others she has doubts on her mind, will I be capable enough to crack this exam? will I become an Ias officer?

She told us when you start preparing and work hard toward your goal these fears and doubts fade away automatically. She uses quotes for motivation. whenever you feel low talk to the well-wishers, and avoid negative people who demotivate you or told you negative words.

Anu Kumari marriage

Anu Kumari Marriage & Husband 

She is married to businessman Varun Dahiya and has a son named Rihan. She got married in the year 2012, In an Interview, she told us that her husband is very supportive. Her husband was a businessman. After two years of their marriage, they have a baby boy. 

Anu kumari Current posting and Rank.

Her current posting was in Thalassery, Kerala as an assistant collector. She joined on 01/09/2018 As an IAS officer after that she was promoted to an assistant collector on the year 27/08/2020.

Anu Kumari Salary & Net worth 

Anu Kumari salary

Indian government gives her level 10 in the pay matrix, And a Government employee gets RS- 56,100 as her basic pay But the allowance of an IAS office is huge. Hra RS- 13,464, Da Rs- 9,537, TA rs- 3600, DA on TA- 612. So altogether she gets RS- 83,313. 

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