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Sarjana Yadav Biography & Wikipedia 

You might be wondering what the best preparation methods are for the UPSC IAS Exam. Well, you are not alone. There are many ways to crack the exam. Here are some of them: Rank 126 in the UPSC exam.

Sarjana Yadav

Sarjana Yadav is a successful IAS officer from Delhi, India. She prepared herself without any coaching, despite appearing for the UPSC exam for three times. With her dedication and determination, Sarjana managed to secure 126th rank in the Civil Services Examination this year. Despite having to study on her own, Sarjana was able to crack the exam on her third attempt.

Sarjana Yadav

Her success in this examination has prompted many people to join the civil service. But the question is how to get to the top? Well, this is not an easy task! The answer is not just to sit for the Civil Service Exam. You must be aware of the UPSC rules and regulations. Only then, you can be sure of your success. You can also make use of the online test center to practice.

Father name- Aloke Yadav

mother name- Sulakha Yadav 

Brother nameAbhinav Yadav

height- 5.5 ft

age- 28 yr

Birthday/date- 16/10/1993

Cast- o.b.c

joining date- 12.10.2020

rank- Assistant Commissioner

Posting- Agmut, Bihar

Husband- Himanshu Jain

In order to crack the exam, you must have a proper strategy. You must try mock tests and revise concepts regularly. Although Sarjana did not make notes on every subject, she managed to secure a position in the IAS in just three attempts. She studied for three years at home and another two while working. The most important thing to do is to practice mock tests. Attempting mock tests can help you get a feel of what you can expect in the examination.

Her class 10th and 12th Percentage

Her 10th class percentage is 91% and she scores 95% in the class 12th examination. One more important factor is that she is a school topper in the class 12th exam. After completing her schooling she goes to Delhi engineering college and completes her engineering degree.

How many attempts does she take to clear the upsc exam?

She took two attempts to clear the UPSC exam. In her first attempts, she did not qualify for the Prelims examination. She scores very less after this failure she decided to take another chance on UPSC examination, she prepared as hard as possible, and in the year 2020 she clear the UPSC exam with AIR- 126 rank.

Sarjana Yadav UPSC marksheet

Essay (paper 1)132
General Studies 1 (paper II)102
General Studies 2 (paper III)121
General Studies 3 (paper IV)093
General Studies 4 (paper V)162
Optional 1 (political science) (paper VI)139
Optional 2( (political science) (paper VII)107
Written Total 856
Personality Test190
Final Total1046

How she Studying at home

Sarjana Yadav IAS study at home: The IAS aspirant should try to do as many mock tests as possible and revise all the concepts frequently. She did not take coaching and studied on her own. Her study method was simple: she read the daily newspaper, followed various online sources, and made electronic notes on Microsoft word. She divided each subject into subfolders and kept the notes organized by subjects.

Sarjana Yadav with her family
Sarjana Yadav with her family

Taking lessons from an IAS officer who has passed the exams once before is a good idea. In addition to the books, Sarjana Yadav also read articles and answered questions from her readers. She made use of an online forum to find the best IAS study tips. Her website also features interviews with successful IAS officers. The first interview she gave answered questions about her IAS studies at home and what she learned from them.

How she Making notes

To prepare for the UPSC exam, Sarjana Yadav recommends taking study material that is concise, without studying from too many books. It is also recommended that you take mock tests regularly and read daily newspapers and current affairs to keep abreast of relevant topics. These are some of the most effective strategies for UPSC preparation. You can try these out if you find it useful and wish to apply them in your upcoming UPSC examination.

Sarjana Yadav childhood picture
Childhood picture of sarjana yadav

In addition to taking notes, Sarjana suggests revising what you have written. However, this is not feasible in every subject. You should also attempt mock tests and answer writing practice. While it is advisable to take notes during lectures and tutorials, you should not spend all your time doing so. Instead, allocate time for revision. You can spend a few hours per subject and make notes accordingly.

Sarjana Yadav Coaching

For UPSC examination, there are two ways to prepare – self-study and through IAS coaching. Sarjana herself prepared without IAS coaching. She says it all depends on the candidate’s preferences. If the candidate wants to take IAS coaching, he should opt for it. If not, self-study is sufficient. But if a candidate is under pressure, he can opt for coaching to get some extra assistance.

After graduating from engineering, Sarjana Yadav worked at UPSC. She failed twice to clear the exam, so she quit her job to take coaching. She started preparing herself without joining a coaching program. In addition, she read newspapers daily to stay informed about current affairs. Sarjana’s strategy is to focus on the individual. She believes that it’s better to study less and prepare well than to study too much, as it will affect the score.

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Sarjana Yadav with her brother
Sarjana Yadav with her brother

How Sarjana Yadav prepared for prelims & booklist & advice

According to her, for prelims current affairs is one of the most important factors so for current affairs she did only two things, she read the hind newspaper and she watch videos on insights youtube channels. And she makes digital notes, for that she uses Microsoft word. 

Polity Strategy- For polity, she used to read Lakshmi Kanth’s Indian polity book this is the only source of information she read. she told us that polity is a little tough for her to understand so she read this book or practice this book several times. 

Sarjana Yadav allocation

Modern History strategy– As like, other UPSC students she read spectrum’s a brief history of modern India. She told us that for modern history this book is like a bible for her and she makes notes from this book, and also she read the history of modern India by Bipan Chandra. 

Current affairs strategy– From the beginning of her UPSC strategy she only read the Hindu newspaper and for more information, she read Insightsias’ daily current affairs. She advised that you have to revise it almost two times a week.

Art and culture strategy– For this subject, she followed Nitin Singhania’s book Indian art and culture but this book has more information that you don’t need so she makes notes from it. 

Science and technology strategy– for this topic she did not read any book rather she use the internet and make notes from it and she explained that most question comes from current affairs in this topic so current affairs are one more important factor. You should check the previous year’s question paper only then you can understand what kind of questions can come and you can gather a general knowledge about the question pattern.  

Environment strategy– like all other students she prefers the Shankar Ias book + current affairs are most important. 

How she prepared for Mains 

for the main answer writing matters and she told us that we have to address all the questions. She advised that for a 10 marks question maximum you can take 7 min to answer it. 

So you have to improve your handwriting speed. When she preparing for the UPSC exam at that time she measured her handwriting speed with a stopwatch. in her initial days of preparation, she took 11 to 15 min to answer a 10 marks question but with practice, she reduce the time. 

Word limits are another important factor so at maximum you can write 150 to 165 words for a 10 marks question. 

Optional subject- Sociology is her optional subject and she took her father’s help for this optional subject because her father also give UPSC exam but did not make it through. 

Sarjana Yadav current post and ranking 

Her current posting was in agmut, Bihar district. She holds the rank of  Assistance commissioner of agmut.

Sarjana Yadav salary & net worth 

Sarjana Yadav salary

Right now sarjana Yadav is in level 10 pay matrix she gets RS-56,100 as her basic pay + Hra -Rs-13,464, DA- RS-9,537, Ta- RS- 3,600, da on ta- rs- 612. so her gross salary was 83313. 

Sarjana Yadav husband, age, date of birth, education, occupation, posting, rank

Sarjana Yadav with himanshu jain

Sarjana Yadav engaged with Himanshu Jain, They completed their engagement on June 25, 2022. Himanshu Yadav also is an IAS officer even though they are from the same ias batch. They started their ias training in lbsnaa where they fell in love with each other after that they decided to get engaged.

Sarjana Yadav’s husband Age– 26 (as per 2022)

Date of birth- 02.11.1996

Education- Graduate

Occupation- IAS

Posting- Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh.

Rank- (IAS) Assistant Collector

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