Madhumita, IAS, age, Date of birth, Wikipedia, biography, marriage, mark sheet, education, graduation, posting, rank, Salary, family, husband, booklist, advice for new students more.

Madhumita, IAS, age, Date of birth, Wikipedia, biography, marriage, mark sheet, education, graduation, posting, rank, Salary, family, husband, booklist, advice for new students more.

The sacrifices made by Madhumita ias to become an IAS officer are inspiring. Madhumita ias took up UPSC as her dream job, and it didn’t come easy. She had to quit her job as an accountant and travel around the world to gain experience in the IAS field. Fortunately, she persevered and achieved 86th rank in the exam.

Madhumita IAS

Madhumita ias Biography & Wikipedia 

Madhumita IAS 86th ranking in UPSC 2019 is one of the most significant achievements for the IAS aspirants. This Haryana resident completed her schooling at Maharaja Agrasen School in Panipat with a score of 96% in her 10th grade and 88% in her 12th grade. She later pursued her education at PIET College and later from IGNOU, where she received her MA in public administration. She won the All-India Maths Olympiad, where she won the gold medal. She is the youngest IAS officer to have cleared the examination in three attempts.

childhood picture Madhumita IAS

Madhumita’s father failed the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 1987. Madhumita was a student of history in school and did her graduation from PIET College. She also earned a BBA degree and was a gold medalist in her final year. After graduation, she pursued her MA in public administration from IGNOU. She is the first woman in her family to earn the prestigious position of IAS. Her father was a retired Indian airforce officer her mother was a housewife and she has two brothers. 

Age- 26 (as per 2022) 

Date of birth- 18.08.1995 

Joining date- 12.10.2020

Id number- 119Q03

Husband- NA

Marriage- NA

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Madhumita IAS wit her family

Preparation for UPSC exam & booklist & advice 

The syllabus of the UPSC exam is long and exhaustive. Moreover, it is quite confusing. Madhumita IAS has some useful tips for aspirants who wish to crack this exam. She believes that it is essential to create a better environment, study the syllabus, and avoid social media. After preparing for the UPSC exam, the next step is to give mock tests and analyze the answers of toppers.

After completing her first attempt at UPSC Civil Service examination, Madhumita Krishnamurthy began preparing for the 2019 UPSC exam. She cleared the Mains exam but failed in the interview round. She decided to give it a second try in the same year. Her second attempt in 2018 ended in disappointment as she failed the Preliminary exam. So, Madhumita relocated to Delhi to study and joined a test series. She cleared the exam in her first attempt, securing 86th rank.

Madhumita IAS wit her brother

How she prepared for Prelims

History- Modern India- Spectrum for modern India. If you wish then you can prefer class 12th old ncert book. 

Art and culture- Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania + introduction to Indian Art  (Class 11th NCERT) according to her questions do come from this book. Themes in Indian History- Ancient India Part1 & Medival India part2.  

Geography- If you are new to this subject and you don’t know anything about Geography then start with class 6th and 7th ncert book. Indian Physical Environment class 11th, fundamental of physical geography class 11th book. school atlas orient black swan.

Polity-Indian Polity is one of the main books that she read for this paper. According to her, this book is enough for polity, she read only this book. 

Environment- Most important book in this paper is Environment by Shankar IAS. 

Economy-For this subject read Vision Ias current affairs book. This monthly magazine can cover the economy very thoroughly there is a separate section about the economy. One more important thing is you have to read the budget of Indian Government & economy survey of Indian is one more important thing that you have to read + there are two books that you can read was Indian economic development class 12th book & macroeconomics of class 12th. 

csat- general study by-macro hill education, she read this book and do test paper of vision ias. If your math was too bad then you can do math by sultanchand publication. 

signature of Madhumita IAS

How she prepared for mains 

Paper1- there is another book that you can read, Plassey to partition and after. for post-independence, she uses vajiram notes. For world history again she uses coaching material. She uses vajiram notes for Indian society. World physical geography- She uses only two sources of information fundamentals of physical geography class 11th 7, Indian Physical geography class 11th.

Paper 2- Indian Polity by-Laxmikant, Governance- For this part, you can read Niti aayog reports and 2nd erc ethic in governance + vajiram papers. Socialjustice- she only use vajiram notes. International relationship- Again she uses a vajiram book. 

Paper 3- You have read the economic survey and budget this is the key to success in this subject and you can use strategy for new India @75. 

Paper4- For ethics, she use this book called Lexicon + vajiram notes + 2nd arc fourth report.

How to Prepare for current affairs newspaper

After we talk with her she told us that she read The Hindu newspaper. She suggests that if you wish you can read vision ias current affairs magazine. One more important factor is that you have to read the government scheme, for that you can prefer the Shankar IAS Government schemes book. 

How many attempts did she take to clear the UPSC exam?

She took three attempts to clear the UPSC exam. In the year 2017, she took her first attempt but she can’t clear the main exam, after that, the next year in 2018 she took another attempt at the UPSC exam even that time she did not able to clear the prelims again. She did not quite her dream so she move to Delhi and took coaching for the UPSC exam and she cleared the UPSC exam in 2019.

Madhumita IAS

Studying with self-study

IAS aspirants can do wonders by studying with self-study materials. Madhumita started her IAS preparation in Delhi and soon began giving test series. By taking up these test series, she became familiar with her weak points and identify areas for improvement. In the end, she passed UPSC 2019 Prelims with a rank of 86! You can read about her story below.

Paper-I comprises of Ancient and Medieval Indian history. Madhumita decided to attempt only one question from Section-A of the paper, because it is the most common question paper on the UPSC test. Madhumita studied selectively from various History Optional Books and Coaching Materials. She managed to answer 19/20 questions, with only 3 from the topics she studied selectively. She is very pleased with her results.

Madhumita Ias salary & net worth

Madhumita IAS salary

Right now she is in level 10 in the pay matrix. Though she is in her training period. The government of India paid her. Her basic payment was 56100, if we combined her HRA, DA, TA, and DA on TA then it will become 83,313.

Madhumita ias current rank and posting 

She is going through training in lbsnaa since 12.10.2020, after completing her training government of Odisha will be allocated her. 

Madhumita marriage & husband or boyfriend 

She does not married yet, Source tells us that she has a boyfriend but we did not gather any information about him.

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