Artika Shukla, Ias, biography / Wikipedia, age, husband, rank & more

Artika Shukla, Ias, biography / Wikipedia,  age, husband, rank, booklist, salary, net worth, marriage, family, 12 percentage, booklist, optional subject, advice for upsc student 

Artika Shukla IAS biography & wikipedia

The name of Artika Shukla might be familiar to you. It was first mentioned in the media when she announced her 106 marks in the IAS exam. The daughter of a doctor and a housewife, Artika Shukla grew up in Varanasi, India. She had two elder brothers who had also cleared the UPSC exams. Artika studied at St. John’s School, where she was bright and diligent. She was a bright student since childhood. In class 10 she got 95% marks and in class 12 or higher secondary, she got 98% marks. where she was the overall topper. where she also did her internship at Lok Nayak Hospital. Later, she took admitted to the MD pediatrics course at PGIMER in Chandigarh, but she quit midway.

Artika Shukla with her parents

Artika has a brother, Dr. Gaurav Shukla, who cracked the UPSC civil services examination in 2012 and is posted in Guha. She was inspired by her brother and started UPSC preparation.  However, the story doesn’t end there. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a closer look at how she got those marks and how she managed to become an IAS success.

Artika Shukla with her brother

Date of birth– 05/09/1990

Age– 32 yr

Father name– Ashok Shukla

Mother name– Rani Shukla

Husband name– Jasmeet Singh Sandhu

IAS Id no– 115A01

Date of joining– 01/01/2016 

Contact Number:- 629588*****

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Akriti Shukla’s recent posting and transfer order 

Artika Shukla allocation

She first joined on 01/01/2021 as a dm but now she is in Rajasthan cadre as an APO (Army post officer) Rajasthan government transfer her under IAS (cadre) sub-rule 2 of rule 5 1954 basically it means she married an IAS officer and under this rule, both husband and wife can work in the same state. The Rajasthan govt transferred her on 26.06.2018.

Akriti Shukla strategy for ups & booklist

History Ancient- She read NCERT of class 9 to 12 but she did not prepare it very thoroughly just read those books for knowledge.

History Medieval- for this topic she prefers only NCERT of classes 9 to 12 but just reads for knowledge. 

History Modern (freedom Struggle) – now you have to read more than 2 books on this topic Bipin Chandra + Spectrum + Ncert modern India read those very thoroughly and never forget to make notes.

Culture society-  This topic has very vast celebs and one book she preferred to us was Nitin Singhania + NIOS materials + Vision ias materials + NCERT on art 

Polity (theory+current)– Laxmikant book  and try to solve both visions + Insights test series 

Economy (theory+current)- Srirams booklet + ncert+ economic survey of |India (many questions come from an economic survey of India so please make notes from it and read it very thoroughly) 

Science (theory + current):- For science, she did not read any books just read the newspaper if something new innovations come then try to make a note on it (your own way) 

Environment (theory+Current)– Shankar IAS is her first choice + she solved vision IAS test papers on environment 

Geography (physical)– For this topic, she manage it from class 11th ncert and saw videos on mrunal on natural phenomena on youtube (she told us that she uses the internet for UPSC materials)

Geography (India)– For this, she only read NCERT of class 11th and  12th 

Geography (world)– she saw the videos on Mrunal and make notes on current affairs

National / International Current affairs- For this topic she mostly depends on The Hindu newspaper + Gktoday and she solved the test paper of vision IAS and Insights.

Mathematics- For that she only depends on the previous year’s questions papers for the UPSC exam

Reasoning-  she solved the last four-year question paper

Comprehension- same as above 

Decision-making- solved the previous year’s question paper for UPSC

MAINS: essay

She makes notes on a diary of the whole years of current affairs around the world from the newspaper and from various news websites. She strategically uses the quotes of important personalities like Gandhi, Netaji, Luther King, and many others even in the actual exam paper she starts her essay writing from quotes. 

Culture- This is a very difficult subject for her because culture is a huge radar question that can come from any topic so she did a special preparation for this subject. She visited a government-based website NIOS where you can find free material for study and she used ncert and vision Ias study materials. 

Indian History– For this topic, she only prefers Bipin Chandra’s Indian history 

World history– For this topic, she only read vision ias notes 

Post-independence India– She only follows India after Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha 

Resource Distribution- She thinks ncert is good enough for this topic but she did vision + vajirao notes.

Earthquake tsunami e.t.c-  She makes her own notes from the internet and from the arc for disaster + vision notes.

For the Indian constitution,m devolution, dispute redressal, comparing constitution with world, parliament, state legislatures, executive-judiciary, ministries departments, pressure group, informal associations- she only depends on laxmikant for basics, newspaper insight secure initiative articles vision current affairs material vision static material on this topic. Prs report and documents on various minister websites. 

General Studies (Mains) paper 3

Indian economy, resource mobilization, Inclusive growth, Budgeting for major crops, irrigation- for these topics she mainly focuses on an economic survey of India, (according to her this survey is such an important topic) and she takes an in-depth knowledge from the key feature of budget + daily newspaper + insights secure.

Agro produce, e-technology, farms subsidies, MSP PDS, buffer, food security, technical mission, animal rearing economics, food processing– storage, marketing- she recommended that you can read vision materials + the Hindu newspaper + youjna related article on the internet (make notes on it) + economic survey related chapter.

Land reforms– You have to read |Bipan Chandra 3 chapter 

Liberalization- 12th NCERT Indian economy 

Investment Models– Do not worry about it because current affairs will cover it 

Disaster management- She depends on the arc for disaster. (she recommended that you have to read it several time)

Cyber security– you can’t cover this in one book so you have to rely on the newspaper and on the Internet articles please make notes on what is new in cyber security but if you wish then you can read vision materials.

Money laundering– article on Insights and browse the internet about this topic you can find so many articles, read than all and just make note your own way.

Border management- She highly depends on the newspaper.

organize crime, terrorism- She prefers articles on the Internet + you can find materials on current affairs.

General Studies 4

Ethics and interface, family, society – Remember this paper test your capability of decision making, attitude, your analytics skills and you can’t rely on any books or any notes, just answer the question with your own balance viewpoint Do not worry I hope you read news papers very thoroughly and that experience will come in to play here. when you write the answers by giving examples and your own balance thoughts. 

Artika Shukla salary and networth 

Artika Shukla

As per the government of India she is in the 11th pay matrix and a government employee’s basic pay was RS-67700 and hra (16248), DA (rs-11509), TA (rs-3600), DA ON TA (rs-612) so her gross salary was RS-99669 but If we take NPS deduction rs-7921, cgegis deduction rs-30 so her net cross salary was RS- 91718 rupes. 

Artika Shukla marriage and husband name  

Artika Shukla husband, marriage

Artika Shukla is married to Jasmeet Singh Sandhu, he is also an Ias officer in Rajasthan, Jaipur , Rajasthan government posted her as a Chief Executive Officer-CUM-A.D.P.C., E.G.S. & Ex-officio Chief Project officer (MADA). they married on 8th December 2017. 

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