Saumya Pandey, wiki, biography, age, date of birth, education, salary, net worth, posting, rank, mark sheet, booklist, advice, cast & more

Saumya Pandey, wiki, biography, age, date of birth, education, salary, net worth, posting, rank, mark sheet, booklist, advice, cast & more

UP Cadre Saumya Pandey is a Group IAS official of the 2017 batch. She is very popular on social media. During her 14-day maternity leave, she chose to continue working in her present position. She clinched the AIEEE assessment in 2011 and attained All India Rank 4 in the 2016 UPSC Civil Services Exam. She is married to Dr. Nitin Gaur.

Saumya Pandey

 Saumya Pandey Wikipedia & Biography 

Saumya Pandey belongs to a well-educated family. She cracked UPSC CSE 2016 in her first attempt. Her parents provided immense support to her and she excelled in academics. When she is in class 12th she doesn’t know what is civil service job & what is UPSC.

Saumya Pandey childhood picture

Saumya Pandey education qualification

in class 12th she became the highest in the whole up district with 97.4% marks even though she gets the highest marks in class 10th in UP with 94.2% marks, after that she join MNIT collage for completing her electric engineering degree and she is a gold medalist theirs.

Saumya Pandey with her parents

Despite her young age, Saumya Pandey is one of the most successful women in the civil service. She has studied in several prestigious institutions including Cambridge University, Oxford University, and Harvard Business School. Her parents are well educated and manage a computer training institute in Prayagraj. She belongs to the Brahmin caste. She is a talented Kathak dancer. She started learning Kathak as a child, and her parents enrolled her in dance schools and institutes. The result of her hard work is a remarkable feat.

Saumya Pandey with bjp leader

Father name- Jaydeb Pandey

Mother name- Anita Pandey

cast- General 

age- 27 (as per 2022)

Date of birth-  12.01.1994 

Joining- 01.01.2017

rank- C.D.O

Husband- Nitin Gaur 


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The benefits of being a female IAS officer 

Saumya Pandey with her son

The benefits of being a female IAS officer are numerous. You get dedicated office staff and a car. Plus, you get several gazetted holidays. You get to choose your job postings and enjoy the flexibility that the government offers. Not to mention, you have a family to support and a comfortable office to work in. But what about maternity leave? Is it a luxury for an IAS officer?

The alleged “misconduct” of an IAS officer is not the first time the topic has come up in the media. A video posted by the Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership, part of Ashoka University, showed Pandey in her office with her infant, while other users criticized her for taking time off. Others praised her for her “strenuous commitment” to her career and said she was “a strong working woman”. But many of these people are trying to portray Pandey as an outcast who is trying to avoid a public debate about the issue.

Although government regulations require women to take six months off after giving birth, Pandey went back to work a mere fourteen days after her daughter was born. She says she was able to work because her husband did not take maternity leave. But she did not have the time or the money to take paternity leave.

Saumya Pandey upsc result

How she prepared for prelims & booklist & advice

GS1- for art and culture she follows a book by Nitin Singhania, She uses the internet and visits different websites, For history, she follows Bipinchandra’s history book about modern India and the struggle for India’s independence. For society, she only follows the ncert book. She also follows last year’s question papers for gs1. For world history, she read only ncert book. Social issue- She starts with basic class 11th and 12th ncert book and she read The Hindu newspaper. 

Saumya Pandey allocation

Gs2- According to her, in gs2 more question comes from current affairs, and that’s why she gives more attention to the newspaper. she read Indian Polity by Lakshmi Kant. 

Gs3- Paper has a very vast syllabus so it is a little tough for the UPSC student. First, of all she analysis the paper and find out what to read. For the environment, she read Shankar’s IAS book.

Gs4- Fro paper gs4 UPSC want to know is what kind of person you are, what kind of attitude you have, are you decision maker person or not, will you able to differentiate between right and wrong. 

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What is Her optional Subject?

She chose geography because she thinks that even in gs1, gs3 multiple questions come from geography. There are multiple resources and good books are available on the internet or in the market. First of all, she checks the previous year’s question paper and syllabus. She suggests that to read class 6th to 12th ncert books. 

Paper1- Physical geography by Surender Singh + new ncert class 11th and 12th, Geography- by GC Leong. For human geography- she uses human geography from Majid Hussain’s book and she extensively uses the Internet for human geography. models and theories by Majid Hussain.

Paper 2- Ncert of class 11th and 12th with “Indian geography by-Mr Khullar + newspaper + current affairs magazine or notes. 

How does she deal with negative thinking?

She told us that almost every day she think that she could not make it through. She told her mother she could not crack this exam, But her mother keep supporting her and gives her courage and sometimes she watch motivational videos on youtub and read ‘you can win’ book when she was in doubt about cracking upsc. When low faces come keep your inner strength alive. 

Saumya Pandey ias

Saumya Pandey Rank and Posting

She was posted in Kanpur, Dehat, Up district as a C.D.O (Chief development officer), in the year 2017 She joined as an SDM of Modinagar after that she gets promoted as C.D.O of Kanpur. Till now she is in the same post.

Sumya Pandey Salary

Saumya Pandey salary

She is in level 11 in the pay matrix so her Basic salary was RS- 67,700 but includes other allowances her Gross salary was- 99,669. There is a deduction from the government of India so her NPS detection was Rs-7921, and CGEGIS deduction was RS-30 so her total deduction was RS-7951. She gets Rs- 91,718 as in hand salary + you have to add GOVT contribution of RS-11,089.

Sumay Pandey Marriage

Saumya Pandey marriage & husband

She got married in 23rd April 2018 with IAS Nitin Gaur. This is a love marriage since 2017 she is in love with Nitin Gaur after couple of year of love life they decided to complete their marriage. in the year 2020, she gives birth to a baby boy. 

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