Abhishek Singh (IAS & actor) upsc, age, date of birth, rank, posting, education, Wikipedia, biography, net worth, salary, height, wife, children & more

Abhishek Singh IAS, actor, upsc, age, date of birth, rank, posting, education, Wikipedia, biography, net worth, salary, height, wife, children & more

Abhishek Singh IAS

Abhishek Singh ias Wikipedia & Biography

In an interview with us, he told us that he love someone at an early age but somehow this love doesn’t reach its destination. That lady leave him, and he got emotional and depressed and even he thinks about doing suicide but somehow he handled this pressure situation. He wants to get out of this situation. Becoming an IAS officer is his childhood dream because his father works in UP polish and his father told him about IAS officers, what they do, How they work, and about the power of an IAS officer, he decided to become an IAS officer so he starts his preparation of UPSC and in the Year 2011 he became an IAS officer.

Father Name-Akhilesh Singh
Mother name –Janki Singh
Current Rank-Deputy Commissioner
Current posting-New Delhi
Age- 39 (as per 2022)
Date of birth-22.02.1983
Cast-O.B.C (other backward class)
Height-5.7 ft
Ias Id110V11
Date of joining29.08.2011u
phone-011-24369222, 011-24301913
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Abhishek Singh ias education

he completed his schooling at Boy’s high school in Allahabad Uttarpradesh, His 10th class percentage was 79% and he completed his 12th stander with a remarkable 91% marks after that he joined Delhi college to complete his B.A degree, after completing his ba degree he did M.A in Public Administration.

abhishek Singh ias family

He has six family members in his house his father, mother, wife, and two little sisters. They are from UP, Allahabad. His father worked as a police officer in UP, his mother was a housewife, and his wife Durga Sakti Nagpal worked as an IAS officer in Delhi.

His Journey & story IAS to becoming an actor

At the end of 2019, he goes to Bombay for his official work and he is Invited for a lunch in his friend’s office, also there is a Delhi crime season 2 team they are also invited by his friend, and they started a conversation with each other, Delhi crime told to Abhisakh that there is a role in the season 2 of an IAS officer will you do it. That time this ias officer became nervous but his friend told him that you are an IAS officer and that he can play this role then he agreed.

How many roles did he play till now?

Until now he plays 6 roles. He did (Delhi crime season 2), (Dil tod ke) Hindi song in 2020 in the same year he played a lead role in (Chaar Pandrah) Hindi short film, In the year 2021 again he did a Hindi song (Tujhe bhoolna toh chaaha), In this year 2022 he did (slow slow) songs screenplay and he played a lead role of (Ravindra Kaushik in the black tiger) of India raw agent.


Abhishek Singh ias rank & current posting

He is posted in New Delhi as a Deputy commissioner. He cleared the UPSC exam in 2011 then he joined on 29.08.2011 as an IAS officer of Chattisgarh After that UP government decided to transfer him to New Delhi.

Abhishek Singh ias salary & networth

Abhishek Singh ias salary

This IAS officer gets 78,800 as his basic pay, but so many allowances given by GOVT of India like- HRA 18921, Da 13396, TA 3600, DA on TA 612, so his gross salary was 115320 rupees, But there are some deductions like NPS- 9220, CGEGIS- 30, so his total deduction was 9250. so his net cross salary was 106070 with a government contribution of 12907 rupees.

Net worth- If we put aside his salary then he earns from different things like acting, stage shows, and interviews. His monthly income is around 50 lakh each month. And He is an IAS officer so he gets 106070 rupees from the government if we calculate then approximately it will be 55 lakh each month.

Abhishek Singh ias wife, name, age, biography, Wikipedia, rank, post, education and children

Abhishek Singh ias with his family
Abhishek Singh ias NameDurga Shakti Nagpal
Age-37 (as per 202)
Date of birth-25/06/1985
Occupation- IAS officer
Rank-Special secretary to the government of up,
medical education department.

Her wife name was Durga shakti nagpal . She is his childhood friend, after his breakup, he goes into depression mode even at that time his childhood friend (present wife) helps him a lot. They both start preparing for the UPSC exam but his wife Durga shakti Nagpal cleared the exam in 2011 and became an IAS officer and Abhishek Singh also cleared the UPSC exam in the same year. Since childhood, they both are just friends but after clearing the UPSC exam they fall in love with each other.

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