Pari Bishnoi Ias, Wikipedia & biography, age, height, husband, Salary & more

Pari Bishnoi Ias, Wikipedia & biography, age, height, husband, Salary, optional subject, attempt, her preparation, strategy, book, advice for a new student.     

For the youth of our society, Pari Bishnoi has been a source of inspiration for a very long time. The youth can look up to her for inspiration, and her career is an excellent example of success. Read on to know more about this prominent renowned Indian actress. Here are her childhood, family, education, and career. You will be amazed at her many achievements. Then, be inspired by her journey through the world.

Pari Bishnoi Biography & Wikipedia 

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Pari Bishnoi’s mother and father are both government officials. Her father is an advocate, and her mother works as an inspector for the GRP. Both of them work to empower people, and Pari’s parents inspire her to enter the civil service. After completing her degree, she spent a year in Delhi to prepare for the Civil Services. Her mother and father modeled the path to success for their children.

Pari Bishnoi attended a convent school in Ajmer. She then moved to Delhi, where she completed her graduation from the Indraprastha College for Women. While working in her field, she actively prepared for the civil services. She has an M.S. in political science from MDS University, Ajmer. She has a great interest in teaching, and she has successfully cleared the NET exam and NET-JRF. She subsequently obtained the rank of IAS (CSE) after completing the NET exam, a difficult exam. She completed her 10th with 89% marks and 91% in higher secondary12 th class her subject was physic, math, biography, and chemistry. She completed her college with a degree of 76%.

pari bishnoi family, father & mother / parents

Her father and mother- Her mother told us that when she preparing for the UPSC exam, she quit every social media account even her mobile, And start preparing like a monk.

Her parents put a lot of importance on education, and she was influenced by them. After graduating, she spent a year in Delhi studying for the Civil Services examination. She later returned home and studied in her hometown of Ajmer.

Pari Bishnoi IAS is an inspiration for the young generation. She credits her mother for giving her the courage to pursue her dream. Despite several failures during the civil services preparation, Pari was able to get through it. She appeals to other women to pursue their dreams and not be afraid of failure.

Father name- Raja Bishnoi

Mother name- Antara Bishnoi 

Date of birth- 26/02/1996

Age- 26 yr

IAS joining date- 12/10/2020

Posting- Sikkim 

Rank- Assistant Collector, , Land Revenue Deptt, , Sikkim

Height- 5.5 ft

Husband name– Did not marry yet

IAS Id no– 119T01

Cast- General

Contact number- 

 Pari bishnoi hobby 

  • Since her school time, she has liked dancing and even she participates in school functions for Kathak Dance and drama and presentation 
  • running is her other favorite thing but not like an athlete, it is like a slow but long run.

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     How many attempts she took to clear the UPSC exam

she took three attempts to clear the UPSC exam. First, attempt she scores 99 in prelims in her second attempt she scores 118 in prelims, and in her third attempt, she scores 124.

How Pari Bishnoi prepared for UPSC exam & booklist & advice for new student 

Geography- She uses class 11th and 12th Ncert book + vajirao notes for geography and she shaw videos on mrunal youtube channel. She use the internet when she did not understand something.

history- She use only one book and that was Spectrum she use this book for UPSC prelims and for mains and one more surprising factor is that this Spectrum book is an old Spectrum book, not the new one. 

ancient history she use only one source which was class 11th and 12th Tamil Nadu ncert.

Middle history- She did not prepare it very well but she read some notes of vajiraow and some old ncert books.

Art and culture- She only prefer Nitin Singhania and old Tamilnadu ncert 

Polity- She completed her graduation in political science so it is a little easy for him but she read Lakshmi Kant’s book on polity she chose only one book but she prepared this by reading this book again and again.

Economics- According to her you have to understand the economy, do not need any book but you can prefer Shanker’s notes this is a good option and one more source is Mrunal sir’s videos on youtube. She watch Mrunal sir’s videos several times on youtube + economic survey and budget.

Environment- She told us that it is a very dynamic subject and one book is not enough for this but she read Shankar isa.

Science and technology– She did her preparation with ncert books + current affairs 

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Current affairs- Believe it or not, she watches youtube videos from only ias channel but this is not enough for her so she read the Hindu newspaper + she read the monthly newspaper. You have to read something about current affairs on a daily basis either by watching videos on youtube or reading a newspaper or reading monthly magazines.

ecet– She told us the previous year’s question paper is the most important in this paper. This paper has its own pattern of questions so practicing the previous year’s question is most important. 


First of all, she did a small research on youtube about answer writing. According to her, you have to finish your paper in time and you have to attend to all the questions. There are so many people giving UPSC exam and there is so many answer sheet for the examiner but how you can stand out from other is the biggest question. so if the question asks for where is Delhi (for example only) then what you can do is make a small map of India and show where is Delhi or if you understand that this question asks for some kind of statistic, then you can show them by art or some kind of chart. Underline the main topic or make a square or underline them. 

Her optional subject– political science and international relationship 

Pari Bishnoi salary and net worth 

pari bishnoi salary

She is in Level 10 in the Pay Matrix so her basic pay was 56,100 but you have included hra + da + ta + da on ta so her gross salary was 83,313. But there are deductions NPS deduction was 6,564, Cgegis deduction was 30, so her net salary was 76,719 and there are government contributions 9,189.

Pari Bishnoi boyfriend name e / Husband name

She did not have a boyfriend neither she marry yet so she doesn’t have a husband. 

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