Utkarsh Dwivedi, (IAS /UPSC) Wikipedia, biography, age, date of birth, marksheet, 10th & 12th percentage, optional subject, salary & more

 Utkarsh Dwivedi, ias, Upsc, Wikipedia, biography, age, date of birth, marksheet, 10th & 12th percentage, optional subject, salary & more

Utkarsh-Dwivedi ias, upsc

Story of a failure person who broke the chain of failure even after getting down several times in life and his name was Utkarsh Dwivedi. He is not an amazing student in his childhood but throughout his educational journey, he keeps getting better and better. There is four member of his family his parents with his younger brother. His father was a senior manager in a company and his mother was a homemaker and his younger brother did B.com. When we interviewed him he told us that his family is very supportive even when he did not qualify 2nd time in the UPSC examination his family members supported him and give him courage.

Age- 28

Date of birth- 30.07.1994

IAS id- no

Cast- General

height- 5.5 (ft)

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what are his educational background and class 10th and 12th percentage?

He scores 85%in his class 10th examination and 90% in his class 12th examination. He told us that he change his school very frequently because of his father’s job so he complete his schooling in multiple states of India though he completed his class 12th from dpsindore school after that he completed his graduation with mechanical engineering from Vit Vellore, with a score of 8.5 cgpa.

How many attempts did he take to clear the UPSC examination?

He took three attempts to clear the UPSC examination. In the year 2019 he took his first attempt but did not clear the interview or personality test, the next year 2020 he took another chance on the UPSC examination and failed again but in the year 2021 he give UPSC exam and clear it with the 5th ran all over India.

Utkarsh-Dwivedi ias, upsc

How does he handle his failure and negative thinking?

He told us that he took three attempts to clear the UPSC examination. When he failed in his previous two attempts in 2019 and 2020 he feel very down and lose his confidence but his family members keep supporting and motivating him also his college friends support him a lot.

 Utkarsh Dwivedi (ias /upsc) UPSC marksheet

Essay (paper I)111
General Studies 1 (papaer II) 118
General Studies 2 (papaer III) 119
General Studies 3 (papaer IV) 092
General Studies 4 (papaer V) 117
Optional 1 (political science & international
Relations) (paper VI)
Optional 2 (political science & international
Relations) (paper VII)
Written Total 871
Personality test165
Final total 1036

Utkarsh Dwivedi (ias /upsc) preparation, booklist, and advice.

Utkarsh-Dwivedi ias, upsc

How did he prepare for current affairs?

He read the newspaper and one amazing fact is that he read three newspapers The Hindu, India Today, and Jagran these three newspapers he read for current affairs and pt 365 current affairs book. He did not recommend anyone to read more than one newspaper.

History- He told us that if you are a beginner then you can go with class 6th to 12th ncert books. Ancient history- Old ncert book by RS Sharma, according to him this is the best book that you can read, he added that you don’t have to read anything else for this. Medival History- New ncert book, Spectrum, Fine art ncert, He told us that for medieval history new ncert book is the best because the older one is much bulkier and lot’s of information that you don’t need to read

Geography- He uses his personal coaching notes and he follows mrunal youtube channel for geography lectures (highly recommended by Utkarsh dwivedi)

Economy- He told us that he focuses on mrunal sir economy video on youtube and he uses his coaching class materials and ncert books. He advised that if you do not read economics or you don’t know anything about this subject then start from the beginning you have to strengthen your base on this subject because this subject is very technical.

Polity- Ncert books and Indian Polity by laxmikant book. He told us that these are more than enough to read and current affairs.

International relationship- He completed this chapter with newspapers and magazines.

GS1- He explained that his preparation for gs1 is the same as the prelims examination he did not read any special book for this part of the exam.

GS2- for polity he read Laxmikant’s book India polity, for international relationships he totally depends on the newspaper.

GS3- He told that this part is very difficult and diverse as an exam. He depends on his coaching class notes and he refers that you can read the Indian budget summary and Visit the NDMA website for disaster management and India after 75 is another helpful thing that you can read.

GS4- For ethics, he read the ethics Redbook and ethics Luckmaan book. He read both the books and some coaching class notes are there.

What is his optional subject?

His optional subject was political science & international Relations. He followed the topper notes of more than five UPSC toppers of the previous year and he work according to that.

Utkarsh Dwivedi Ias salary

Utkarsh-Dwivedi ias, upsc, salary

Right now he is in level 10 in the pay matrix, his basic pay was 56,100. but some allowance he gets from the government like HRA. DA, TA, DA on TA so if added this then his Gross salary was 83313 rupes but as per government rules his total deduction was 6,594 rupes so his net salary was 76,719 rupes + government contribution of 9189.

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