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Selwyn Cobbo

Date of birth05 June 2002
Age21 years 7 months (in 2024)
heightcm- 190
Feet- 6.2
metres- 1.9
Weightkg- 99
pound- 218
eye colorBlack
state of originCherbourg, Queensland, Australia
Birth-placeCherbourg, Queensland
Present AddressSE 209, Brizzy, Queensland, Australia
P.H number-+61 0419 2360 XXXX
Jersey number5
SchoolMurgon State High School
Junior clubCherbourg Hornets, QLD
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut03 June 2021
First matchSelwyn Cobbo for the Brisbane Broncos,
He debuted against the St. George Illawarra Dragons.
Running speed35 km/h
total Game played49
Total goal2

Selwyn Cobbo’s Wikipedia and biography

Born on June 5, 2002, in the vibrant state of Queensland, Australia, Selwyn Cobbo has emerged as a promising talent in the world of rugby at the age of 21, standing tall at 6.2 feet,

Weight in at 99 kg, Cobbo’s journey from his humble beginning in Cherbourge to making his NRL debut with the Brisbane Broncos is nothing short of inspiring.

childhood picture of Selwyn Cobbo

he reveled in the natural beauty and adventurous spirit of his surroundings, Notably, in his early years, Cobbo’s passion for rugby was ignited at the tender age of 5 when he first picked up the oval-shaped ball.

Despite residing in Cherbourg, his dedication to the footy led him to travel two to three hours to play local footy, with his father making the arduous journey just to support his son’s passion.

It was during these formative years that Cobbo played for the Cherbourg Hornets, imprinting his mark on the local rugby.

Schooling and leadership:- Attending Murgon High School, Cobbo not only excelled on the rugby field but also made history by becoming the first Indigenous student to hold the prestigious position of school captain.

This achievement not only showcased his leadership skills but also marked him as a role model for aspiring young athletes in his community.

Junior Club Triumphs:- In the Australian Junior Rugby League, Cobbo’s name became synonymous with excellence as he showcased his talent by playing for the Cherbourg Hornets and Gympie Devils.

NRL Debut and Dream Fulfilled:- On June 3, 2021, he debuted in NRL, for the Brisbane Broncos facing the St. George Illawarra Dragons, Coobo stepped onto the big stage, Symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

Selwyn Cobbo’s lifetime status

Selwyn Cobbo family, parents, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend, baby, daughter.

Selwyn Cobbo Father’s/dad, name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Selwyn Cobbo father, mother, parents

Fathers / dad name-Shamus Cobbo
Fathers occupation-Business
Fathers age-55
date of birth28, Jun, 1989

Selwyn Cobbo’s Father’s name was Shamus Cobbo, He is an Australian. Shams Cobbo is a seasoned businessman. He was born on Jun 28, 1989.

His advice to his son:- Behind every successful athlete is a support system and for Cobbo, his father played a crucial role. encouraging him to work hard and not fear failure.

Cobbo’s dad instilled in him the values of perseverance and dedication. His advice to focus on playing for his state resonates with Cobbo, serving as a constant motivator on his journey to greatness.

Selwyn Cobbo’s mother/mom, name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Selwyn Cobbo mother

Name-Kaylene Cobbo
Date of birth-15 May, 1990

Selwyn Cobbo’s mother’s name was Kaylene Cobbo, she has been a guiding force. At 54 years old, Kaylene, an Australian nation born on May 15, 1990, has been a pillar of strength and love throughout Selwyn’s ascent in the world of rugby.

Selwyn Cobbo’s brother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday,

Selwyn Cobbo's brother

Brother name-Shamus Cobbo
Date of borth-9 FEB 2002
Occupation-Rugby player
Height-5.9 feet
Weight-110 kg

Selwyn Cobbo’s brother’s name was Shamus Cobbo, born on February 9, 2002. As the younger sibling of Selwyn, Shamus follows in the footsteps of his elder brother as a promising rugby player.

Hailing from the same passionate rugby community in Queensland, Shamus has donned the jersey to represent the state of Queensland.

Selwyn Cobbo’s sister’s details
Selwyn Cobbo's sister
Sister nameSamantha Lilly Cobbo

Selwyn Cobbo’s sister’s name was Samantha Lilly Cobbo, it is evident that family plays a significant role in the Cobbo household. As Selwyn’s sister, Samantha likely contributes to the support system that has fueled Selwyn’s rugby journey.

Selwyn Cobbo’s wife/partner/girlfriend, age, height, weight, date of birth, nationality

Selwyn Cobbo's girlfriend, partner, wife

NameRuby Peyroux
Date of birth28 December 2002
Age23 years
Heightcm- 164
Feet- 5.4
metres- 1.6
Weightkg- 70

Selwyn Cobbo’s girlfriend’s name was Ruby Peyroux, a 23-year-old woman, His partner was born on December 28, 2002. She brings her unique charm and presence to the relationship.

Selwyn Cobbo’s children/child/baby/kid, age, name, date of birth, mum, birthday, mother

Selwyn Cobbo’s not married yet and he doesn’t have any kids

Selwyn Cobbo’s salary in 2024

Base salary-$4.0m (year)
Veteran and Developed
$0.18m (monthly)
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.10m (Monthly)
players’ Retirement Account
$0.6m (Monthly)
administration funding- $0.4m (Monthly)
State of Origin bonus$20,000 (Monthly)
Gameday salary- $20,000
Total10.79 million

Selwyn Cobbo’s basic salary was 4.0 million dollars, Cobbo’s earnings are further augmented by a veteran and development Allowance of 0.18 million dollars. Additionally, he receives a motor vehicle Allowance of 0.10 million dollars.

0.6 million dollars, is allocated to the player’s Retirement account, Administrative support is evident with a funding of 0.4 million, and Performance-related bonuses include a state-of-origin bonus amounting to 20,000 dollars.

Gameday salary supplements further contribution, with an additional 20,000 dollars on each game. In total Selwyn Cobbo’s comprehensive earning amount to an impressive 10.79 million dollars.

Selwyn Cobbo’s net worth 2024

luxury cars1.1m
Total10.26m (approx)

His net worth, totaling 10.26 million dollars, is a result of diverse assets and astute financial planning. The breakdown includes properties valued at 6 million dollars.

Cobbo’s test for luxury is evident in his collection of cars, amounting to 1.1 million dollars. A substantial portion of his net worth is tied to his residence, with a house valued at 2 million dollars.

Investment plays a crucial role, contributing 1.5 million, dollars to his overall net worth. The inclusion of watches, valued at 0.20 million dollars,

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