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Kotoni Staggs

Date of birth29 October 1998
Age25 years 3 months (in 2024)
heightcm- 185
Feet- 6.0
metres- 1.85
Weightkg- 95
pound- 209
eye colorBlack
state of originWellington, New South Wales, Australia
Birth-placeWellington, New South Wales, Australia
Present AddressSE 209, Wellington, New South Wales, Australia
P.H number-+61 0423 8844 XXXX
Jersey number3
SchoolWellington Highschool
Junior clubWellington Cowboys, NSW
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut18 May 2018
First matchJesse played for the Brisbane Broncos,
He debuted against the Sydney Roosters.
Running speed36 km/h
total Game played100
Total goal56

Kotoni Staggs Wiki and biography

In the world of Australian rugby league, few stories captivate the imagination like that of Kotoni Staggs. Born on October 29, 1998, in Wellington, New South Wales, Staggs has emerged as a rising star.

Early Struggles:- Kotoni Stagg’s journey began in the heart of Wellington, a small town in New South Wales. His childhood was far from easy, marked by the absence of his father and the incarceration of his mother for a minor offense.

Left to face the world alone, Staggs and his sibling found solace and support in an unexpected place – the loving arms of their grandmother.

Raised by his Grandmother:- with their mother behind bars, Staggs, his brother, and his sister found a second mother in their grandmother, Dawn Staggs. Taking on the responsibility of their upbringing,

she provided not only the essentials but also the love and guidance needed to navigate a tough world, A true pillar of strength, she became the unsung hero in Staggs’s journey helping shape the man he is today.

Kotoni Staggs childhood

Early Love for Rugby:- At the tender age of five, Staggs found his calling on the rugby field. The Wellington Cowboys became his junior club, and it was here that his love for the sport blossomed.

The Broncos Journey:- In 2017, Staggs showcased his talent with the Broncos Holden Cup team, scoring 12 tries and 23 goals in 25 games. His outstanding performance earned him the Broncos U20S Best Back of the Year award.

NRL Debut:- The pinnacle of Stagg’s career came in Round 11 of the 2018 NRL season when he made his debut for the Brisbane Broncos. His versatility to play in the back and forward made him a valuable asset for the team, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to the game.

2019:- In 2019 he played 24 matches, winning 11, 11 tries, and 15 goals, He showcased his true talent in this year’s NRL.

2020:- In the year 2020, the Brisbane Broncos did not do well so did he, total matches played 14 they won only 2 matches, lost 12 matches, and tries 10, and goal 18.

2021:- Due to COVID, Staggs played only 4 matches, among them 2 wins and 2 losses, tries 3, goals 0.

2022:- In the year 2022, Staggs and Brisbane Broncos club bounced back, they played 23 matches, won 12 games, and lost 11 games, with tries 5, and goals 16.

2023:- In this year he achieved the highest win percentage of 77%, and he played 26 games, he collected 20 wins, lost only 6 matches, and tries 13, goals 7.

Kotoni Staggs’s lifetime status
Kotoni Staggs career

Kotoni Staggs’s family details, parents, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend, baby, daughter.

Kotoni Staggs’s Father’s/dad/parents, name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Kotoni Staggs father

Fathers / dad name-Kotoni Lahi
Fathers occupation-Business
Fathers age-70
date of birth20, Feb, 1954
Nationality-Tonga (born)

Kotoni Staggs’s Father’s name was Kotoni Lahi, originally from Tonga, Played a pivotal role in shaping Stagg’s early years. However, tragedy struck when Staggs and his sibling faced a traumatic incident, leaving them physically and emotionally scarred because their father chose to leave the family.

Abandonment and New Life:- Their father made the difficult decision to start anew in the USA, leaving Staggs and his sibling to face their challenges alone, in the US. Lahi remarried and began a new chapter of his life with another family.

Kotoni Staggs’s mother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Kotoni Staggs mother

Name-Leanne Staggs 
Date of birth-14 may, 1956

Kotoni Staggs’s mother’s name was Leena Staggs, in an era where challenges for women were abundant, she faced them head-on. Born in 1956, Lenna navigated the complexities of life in Australia with determination and courage. She chose to raise her three children on her own.

Kotoni Staggs’s brother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday,

Kotoni Staggs brother

Brother name-Kayne Staggs
Date of borth-9 FEB 2005
Occupation-Rugby player
Junior ClubWellington Cowboys, NSW
Height-5.9 feet
Weight-90 kg

Kotoni Staggs’s brother’s name was Kayen Staggs, the younger brother of this NRL star, He is making his mark in rugby at 21 years of age, Growing up in Wellington alongside his brother, Kayen played for the Wellington Cowboys, following in Kotoni’s footstep.

Kotoni Staggs’s sister’s details

Kotoni Staggs sister

Sister nameKaneesha Staggs
Date of Birth:-30 Jun 1992

Kotoni Staggs’s sister’s name is Kaneesha Staggs, the elder sister of NRL star Kotoni Staggs, who has made significant strides in the world of rugby. A passionate athlete from a young age, she has played for the Queensland Reds and earned a spot on the Australian national rugby team.

Kotoni Staggs’s wife/partner/girlfriend, name, age, height, weight, date of birth, nationality

Kotoni Staggs girlfriend

Date of birth28 December 2002
Age23 years
Heightcm- 164
Feet- 5.4
metres- 1.6
Weightkg- 70

Kotoni Staggs’s girlfriend’s name is Britt Becht. She is 23 years old, born on December 28, 2002, and hails from Australia. The details provided offer a glimpse into the personal life of the NRL star showcasing a connection with a fellow Australian.

Kotoni Staggs’s children/child/baby/kid, age, name, date of birth, mum, birthday, mother

Kotoni Staggs did not have any children yet.

Kotoni Staggs’s Salary in 2024

Base salary-$2.5m (year)
Veteran and Developed
$0.18m (monthly)
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.10m (Monthly)
players’ Retirement Account
$0.6m (Monthly)
administration funding- $0.4m (Monthly)
State of Origin bonus$20,000 (Monthly)
Gameday salary- $30,000
Total2.79 million
  • His basic salary is 2.5 million, this constitutes the core of staggs earnings, reflecting his contractual agreement with the team.
  • Veteran and Developed Allowance 2.5 million, As an experienced and developed player, Staggs receives additional allowances recognizing his contribution and growth in the league.
  • Motor Vehicle Allowances 0.10 million, Stagg’s is granted a motor vehicle allowance, likely contributing to expenses related to transportation and mobility.
  • The player’s retirement account contribution is 0.6 million, This allocation contributes to Stagg’s retirement fund, emphasizing the importance of financial planning for the athletes beyond their playing career.
  • Administration Funding of 0.4 million, Designated for administrative purposes, this fund likely supports various aspects of Stagg’s professional engagements.

Kotoni Staggs’s net worth in 2024

luxury cars0.80m
Total7.50m (approx)
  1. Properties:- 2 Million, This includes the value of real estate investment, potentially encompassing residential or commercial properties.
  2. Luxury cars of 0.80 million, Stagg’s collection of luxury cars contributes to his net worth, reflecting his taste for high-end vehicles.
  3. House 1 million, the value of Stagg’s residence adds to his net worth, representing a significant asset.
  4. Investment of 3 million, Stagg has wisely invested in various ventures, contributing to his overall financial portfolio.
  5. Watches 0.70 million, Stagg’s collection of luxury, watches is factored into his net worth, showcasing a penchant for high-value timepieces.

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