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Ezra Mam
Date of birth31 January 2003
Age21 years 2 months (in 2024)
heightcm- 176
Feet- 5.7
metres- 1.7
Weightkg- 85
pound- 187
eye colorBlack
state of originAustralia, New South Wales, Sydney
Birth-placeTorres Strait Islander
Address 24 Street, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
P.H number-+61 0495 897 XXXX
EducationDiploma of Youth Work at TAFE
Jersey number6
SchoolTreacy College
Junior clubGoodna Eagles, QLD
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut19 May 2022
First matchReynolds played for Brisbane Broncos,
He debuted against the Newcastle Knights.
Running speed37 km/h
total Game played38
Total goal0

Ezra Mam Wikipedia and biography

In the heart of Torres Strait Islander Australia, a rising star emerged on January 31, 2003,

destined to make a mark in the world of rugby. Ezra Mam was born into an Aboriginal family.

Stands tall at 5.7 feet and carries the weight of promise on his shoulder, tipping the scales at 85 kg.

This young talent has not only excelled in academics but has also proven himself on the rugby field.

Early life and education:- Ezra Mam’s journey began on the picturesque Torres Strait Island, where the love for rugby was instilled in him at a tender age.

Moving to Queensland in his youth, he found himself in Ipswich, honing his rugby skill with the Goddna Eagles.

His educational journey led him to Ambrose Tracy College in Brisbane’s western suburbs,

where he not only excelled in the classroom but also made a significant impact on the rugby union field as part of the 1st XV team.

Intrust Super Cup triumph:- Ezara Mam’s breakout moment came during the 2021 intrust Super Cup season, where he played a pivotal role for the souths Logan Magpies. Crowned as the rookie of the year.

His electrifying performance showcased not only his scoring ability but also his playmaking skills, making him a force to be reckoned with in the rugby league.

Brisbane Broncos Debut:- The pinnacle of Mam’s rugby journey arrived on May 19, 2022, when he made his debut for the prestigious Brisbane Broncos against Newcastle Knights.

This marked a significant milestone in his career, stepping onto the field for one of Australia’s premier rugby league teams.

The Torres Strait Islander sensation proved that he was ready for the big stage, leaving an indelible mark with his performance.

Ezra Mam’s lifetime status

Ezra Mam’s family details, parents, father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend

Ezra Mam’s Father’s details
Ezra Mam's father Tomasina Mam

Fathers / dad name-Tomasina Mam
Fathers occupation-Rugby Player
Fathers age-44
date of birth11, May, 1980

Tomasina Mam, a 44-year-old Australian native born on May 11, 1980, is not only a proud Aussie but also a seasoned rugby player.

Ezara Mama, following in his father’s footsteps, has embraced rugby with enthusiasm and eagerness.

Ezra mam, with an earnest desire to learn the intricacies of rugby, has spent countless hours honing his skills under the watchful eye of his father.

His father impacted not just the technicalities of the game but also the values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.

Ezra Mam’s mother’s details
Ezra Mam's mother Mukubi Mam

Name-Mukubi Mam
Date of birth-15, Mer, 1978

Ezra Mam’s mother’s name was Mukubi Mam, a proud Australian born on the 15th of March, 1978, bringing her unique perspective to the Mam family’s rugby saga.

At 43 years of age, she has been witness to the highs and lows of the sport that her husband and son hold dear.

While not a rugby player herself, Mukubi’s role in the family dynamic is just as crucial, providing love and support that forms the foundation for Ezra’s journey in the world of rugby.

Ezra Mam’s brother’s and sister’s details

Brother –N/A

Ezra Mam doesn’t have any sibling’s

Ezra Mam’s Girlfriend details
Ezra Mam's girlfriend Shanny Jones

NameShanny Jones
Date of birth28 December 2003
Age20 years
Heightcm- 164
Feet- 5.4
metres- 1.6
Weightkg- 70

Ezra Mam’s Girlfriend’s name is Shanny Jones, a 20-year-old born on 28th December 2003, a native Australian whose presence adds a new layer of joy and companionship to Era’s life.

Ezra Mam’s salary

Base salary-$3.518m
Veteran and Developed
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.094m
players’ Retirement Account
administration funding- $0.2m
State of Origin bonus$20,000
Game day salary- $30,000

Other Benefits:- Ezra Mam also gets benefits from a range of non-monetary parks, Tertiary education fees, approved traineeships, Medical insurance costs, travel expenses, motor vehicle costs, and interest-free loans.

Other income sources:- Ezra Mam has diversified his income streams, His merchandise store, where fans can purchase branded memorabilia, ads other dimensions.

another dimension to his financial portfolio, sponsorship deals, interviews, social media posts, and brand endorsement.

Ezra Mam’s net worth

luxury cars1.1m
Total22.71m (approx)

Ezra’s Mam’s approximate total net worth is $22.71 million.

Property- His diverse Property portfolio is valued at a whopping $10 Million.

Luxurious cars- a staple for many high-profile athletes, add flair to Ezar’s wealth. With a collection valued at $1.1 million.

Residence- At the heart of Ezra’s financial empire is his residence, a house valued at $3 million

stocks:- His strategic investments, total $8 Million, these investments, whether in stocks, businesses, or other ventures.

Luxury watches:- Ezra Mam boasts a collection of watches valued at $0.70 million.

top 3 unknown facts about Ezra Mam

  • Beyond his rugby career, Ezra is a fervent advocate for education, Despite the demanding nature of professional sports, he has actively pursued tertiary education and has engaged in various academic endeavors.
  • Ezra Mam is quite involved in several Philanthropic initiatives, contributing to causes close to his heart. From supporting grassroots rugby programs to participating in community development projects.
  • While known for his athletic prowess, Ezra Mam harbors a lesser-known passion for the arts. In his downtime, he immerses himself in various creative outlets, including visual arts and music.

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