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Ben Te Kura/Benjamin Te Kura

Short name:-Ben Te Kura
Nick neam:-Big Ben
Date of birth5 December 2005
Age19 years 3 months (in 2024)
heightcm- 205
Feet- 6.7
metres- 2.05
Weightkg- 122
pound- 264
eye colorBlack
state of originBrisbane, Queensland
Birth-placeBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Present AddressSE 209, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
P.H number-+61 0470 9956 XXXX
Jersey number9
SchoolWavell State High School
Junior clubWests Red Devils, NSW
current clubsouth logan magpies
First matchDid not debut yet
Running speed39 km/h
Total game played0
Total goal0

Benjamin Te Kura/Ben Te Kura Wikipedia and biography

Benjamin Te Kura, also known as Ben Te Kura, his teammates call him Big Ben, Stands at an impressive 205 cm (6.7 feet) and weighs 122 kg, Making him not only the tallest but also the most weighted player in the history of NRl rugby.

Childhood and Passion for Rugby:- From a young age he has been interested in rugby because his father and his brothers are rugby players, His father is a former rugby player from New Zealand.

So, Growing up in a family where rugby was more than a sport, Ben received valuable lessons from his father and brother, these early teachings laid the foundation for his passion and commitment to the game.

School years and developments:- Benjamin Te Kura attended Wavell State High School, where he not only completed his education but also learned rugby and he also played the school’s rugby league team.

When he is only six years old his journey begins at Redcliffe Dolphins. He made his mark when he is in grade 12 in 2021, he got a chance in the North Queensland schoolboy representative team.

Continue to impress, securing a position in the Quneesland under 17 city team and eventually representing Quneesland under 19s in 2022.

Looking Ahead to the NRL:- While Benjamine Te Kura has not yet made his debut in the NRL, his eyes are firmly set on achieving that milestone in 2024.

Currently, he is in the Brisbane Broncos’s development player line but he gained valuable experience at Redcliffe Dolphins, so the stage is all set to debut in the NRL 2024 season.

Benjamin Te Kura/Ben Te Kura family details, parents, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend, baby, and daughter.

Ben Te Kura Father’s/dad/parents, name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday,

Fathers / dad name-James Tekura
Fathers occupation-Rugby player
Fathers age-59
date of birth12 Feb, 1965
Nationality-New Zealand

His father’s name is James Tekura, he is from New Zealand and he is a former rugby player in New Zealand. he is now 59 years old, born on 12 Feb 1965, living in Queensland Australia.

Ben Te Kura’s mother’s/mom’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Name-Tania Te Kura
Date of birth-25, June1966
Work at:-UHM Program at Multicultural Australia

Ben Te Kura’s mother’s name is Tania Te Kura, she is 58 years old women, her date of birth is 25, June 1966, and she is working in UHM Program at Multicultural Australia.

Ben Te Kura’s brother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday,

He has a total of four brothers, among them he is the youngest of all.

Ben Te Kura’s sister’s age, date of birth

Name:-Olivia Te Kura
Date of Birth:-16, Oct, 1999

Ben Te Kura’s sister’s name is Olivia Te Kura, she is 24 years old, and the mother of one child.

Ben Te Kura’s wife/partner/girlfriend, name, age, height, weight, date of birth, nationality

He did not reveal anything in this matter.

Ben Te Kura children/child/baby/kid, age, name, date of birth, mum, birthday, mother

Don’t have any children

Ben Te Kura’s Salary in 2024

Base salary-$0.50m (per season)
Veteran and Developed
$0.8m (monthly)
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.1m (Monthly)
players’ Retirement Account
$0.6m (Monthly)
administration funding- $0.4m (Monthly)
State of Origin bonus$10,000 (Monthly)
Gameday salary- $12,000
Total92,000 (dollars)

Ben Te Kura’s net worth in 2024

luxury carsN/A
Total1.70m (approx)

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