Adam Reynolds, salary, wife, brother, family, net worth, age, height & more

Adam Reynolds

Date of birth10 July 1990
Age33 years 5 months (in 2024)
heightcm- 173
Feet- 5.6
metres- 1.73
Weightkg- 85
pound- 187.393
eye colorBlack
state of originAustralia, New South Wales, Sydney
Birth-place South Sydney
Address 24 Napoleon Street, Rosebery, Sydney, Australia
P.H number-970-799-XXXX
Marriage date06.10.2010
Jersey number7
SchoolMatraville Sports High School
Junior clubAlexandria Rovers & Kensington United
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut05 March 2012
First matchReynolds played for South Sydney Rabbitohs,
He debuted against the Sydney Roosters.

Adam Reynolds was born on 10 July 1990, in South Sydney, 24 Napoleon Street, Rosebery, Since his early years, he has been a sports fan, especially rugby, that’s why his father took him to Matraville Sports High School.

Since his young days, He wasn’t a stellar student but he has been a mighty rugby player, Rugby is his top sport. even, he’s part of the Matraville Sports High School team, he and his mates clinched the NRL School Boy Cup.

You might also be surprised to know that he ended up being the standout player in that tournament, he gets the Peter Sterling Medal for best player of that competition.

Adam Reynolds childhood picture

In the year 2012, he made his debut with South Sydney Rabbitohs, His accomplishments with South Sydney are remarkable, He remained with the team from 2012 to 2021.

Adam Reynolds carrier in south Sydney rabbithos

In an interview, he said that leaving Sydney was one of the hardest decisions that he took in his whole life

but he had no choice because South Sydney declined to secure his contract, that’s why he joined Brisbane.

Adam Reynolds’s Father’s details
Adam Reynolds father March Reynolds

Fathers / dad name-March Reynolds
Fathers occupation-Business
Fathers age-70
Father’s date of birth-unknown

Adam Reynolds’s father’s name was March Reynolds, a businessman hailing from Sydney, Australia.

In an interview, he told us that Adam is his youngest son, and his deep affection for his son was evident,

He expressed a strong emotional connection by revealing that when Adam gets injured during a match, he also feels the pain even sometimes he cries for his son.

Adam Reynolds’s mother’s details

Adam Reynolds mother Kim Reynolds

Name-Kim Reynolds
Date of birth-Unknown

Adam Reynolds’s mother’s name was Kim Reynolds, She is from Australia, She is a 65-year-old woman, and she works as a housewife.

Adam Reynolds’s brother’s and sister’s details
Brother name-Wayne Reynolds
Date of broth-6 merch 1988
Age-35 years,
Occupation-Family business
Height-cm- 179.8
Feet- 5.9
metres- 1.79
Weight-kg- 95
pound- 95

His brother’s name was Wayne Reynolds, he is a business owner, his brother’s age was 35.

Adam Reynolds’s wife details

NameTallara Reynolds
Date of birth28 December 1990
Age33 years
Heightcm- 164
Feet- 5.4
metres- 1.6
Weightkg- 70

His wife’s name was Tallara Reynolds, she is a 33-year-old woman from Australia.

How are Adam and Tallara Mets?

Adam has known Tallara since 9th grade, they were classmates, and later they became friends, after some time, Adam proposed to her and Tallara accepted, then they got married in 2010.

Adam Reynolds’s children’s details
NameDate of birth
NakylahAugust 10
AaliyahOctober 18
Kobe July 19
 Zariyaa march 21

Adam Reynolds has four children, among them Nakylah, Aaliyah & Zariyaa who are his daughters and Kobe is the only son.

Base salary-$9.118m
Veteran and Developed
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.094m
players’ Retirement Account
administration funding- $0.1m
State of Origin bonus$20,000
Game day salary- $30,000

In addition to his salary, Adam also receives various benefits, including coverage for tertiary education fees, approved traineeships, medical insurance costs, travel expenses, motor vehicle costs, interest-free loans, and many more.

Moreover, he generates additional income through his merchandise store, sponsorship, interviews, social media posts, and brand endorsement.

luxury cars2.1m
Total41m (approx)

As of the latest information available, Adams Renold’s total net worth is estimated to be 41 million dollars. This includes assets such as a 10 million dollar property, a luxurious car valued at 2.1 million dollars, and a house worth 4 million dollars, additionally, he has invested 25 million dollars in various shares, Notablt, he owns a collection of expensive and unique watches, values at around 0.50 million dollars.

  • Before becoming a professional rugby player, Adam was involved in various sports during his school years, his early passion for sports likely contributed to his success.
  • Outside his rugby career, Adam is also involved in various community service and charity
  • Before joining the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Adam achieved success as a representative player at the youth level.

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