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Jordan Riki

Date of birth18 January 2000
Age24 years (in 2024)
heightcm- 190
Feet- 6.2
metres- 1.9
Weightkg- 105
pound- 231
eye colorBlack
NationalityNew Zealand
state of originQueensland
Birth-placeRaglan, North Island, New Zealand
Present AddressSE 209, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
P.H number-+61 0459 6318 XXXX
Jersey number11
SchoolSaint Thomas’s of Canterbury College in Christchurch
Junior clubHornby Panthers
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut15 August, 2020
First matchRiki played for the Brisbane Broncos,
He debuted against the Canberra Raiders.
Running speed36 km/h
Position2nd Row
total Game played67
Total goal0

Jordan Riki Wiki and biography

Jordan Riki was born on 18th January 2000 in Raglan, North Island, New Zealand, At the age of 24, standing tall at 6.2 feet and weighing 105 kg, Riki has become a formidable force in the National Rugby League (NRL)

Childhood:- Growing up as a young Kiwi boy in Christchurch, New Zealand, Riki faced numerous challenges in his early years. Raised by his single mother, who went through significant struggles.

Riki’s childhood was marked by a lack of resources. His biological father, who was indigenous, had limited involvement in his life. Riki found solace and support in his upbringing.

Relocation to Australia:- At the age of 17, Riki made a life-changing decision to move to Australia, settling in Brisbane.

This move proved to be a turning point in his life and rugby career, as he embarked on a journey that would eventually see him shine on the NRL stage.

Rise through the rank from 2018 to 2021:- Jordan Riki played in the Intrust Cup, showcasing his immense talent and determination. However, it was in 2020 that his outstanding performance caught the attention of the Brisbane Broncos, leading to his debut in the NRL.

NRL career:- In his debut year with the Brisbane Broncos on 15 August 2020 against Canberra Raiders, Riki played 5 matches, unfortunately losing all of them.

2021:- In the following years, Riki’s impact on the field became more pronounced. He played 18 matches, with 6 wins, 5 losses, and an impressive tally of 3 tries.

2022:- Riki’s career continued to ascend in 2022, when he played 22 matches, contributing to 13 wins and 9 losses, he demonstrated versatility with 4 tries.

2023:- The most recent season saw Riki’s exceptional performance as he played 22 matches, securing 15 wins and 7 losses. He made a significant impact with 7 tries.

Jordan Riki’s lifetime status

Jordan Riki family details, parents, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend, baby, and daughter.

Jordan Rikis Father’s/dad/parents, name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Jordan Riki's father

Fathers / dad name-Ra Riki
Fathers occupation-Rugby Player
Fathers age-55
date of birth11, September 1979
Nationality-New zealand

Jordan Riki’s Father’s name is Ra Riki, Born on 11th September 1979, is a seasoned rugby player hailing from New Zealand, At the age of 55, he brings a wealth of experience to the sport.

His contribution to the game has not only left an indelible mark on the rugby landscape but has also played a significant role in shaping Jordan Riki’s journey.

Jordan Riki’s mother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday

Jordan Riki mother

Name-Janelle Riki
Date of birth-14 May, 1983

Jordan Riki’s mother’s name is Janelle Riki, she is now 50 years old and is a self-employed woman from Australia.

Jordan Riki’s brother’s name, age, nationality, date of birth, birthday,

He has a brother but he did not disclose his name.

Jordan Riki’s sister’s details

He has a sister but he did not disclose her name.

Jordan Riki’s wife/partner/girlfriend, name, age, height, weight, date of birth, nationality

Don’t have any girlfriends.

Jordan Riki’s children/child/baby/kid, age, name, date of birth, mum, birthday, mother

Don’t have any children.

Jordan Riki’s Salary in 2024

Base salary-$1.5m (year)
Veteran and Developed
$0.18m (monthly)
Motor Vehicle Allowance-$0.10m (Monthly)
players’ Retirement Account
$0.6m (Monthly)
administration funding- $0.4m (Monthly)
State of Origin bonus$20,000 (Monthly)
Gameday salary- $30,000
Total1.79 million

Jordan Riki’s net worth in 2024

luxury cars0.80m
Total10.50m (approx)

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