Delouise Hoeter, age, date of birth, height,

Delouise Hoeter

Date of birth06 Merch 1994
Age29 years (in 2024)
heightcm- 185
Feet- 6.0
metres- 1.85 (approx)
Weightkg- 92
pound- 202
eye colorBlack
state of originQueensland
Present AddressSE 209, Toowoomba, Queensland
P.H number-+61 0474 7742 XXXX
Jersey number11
SchoolKeebra Park State High School
Junior clubMarist Saints
current clubBrisbane Broncos
Debut27 March 2015
First matchDelouise Hoeter played for the West Tiger,
He debuted against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.
Running speed32 km/h
Total game played15
Total goal0

Delouise Hoeter wikipedia and Biography

Date of Birth: 06 March 1994 | Age: 29 | Height: 6 feet | Weight: 92 kg

Delouise Hoeter, a formidable figure on the rugby field, has an intriguing journey that spans across Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia. Born on 6 March 1994, this 29-year-old athlete stands tall at 6 feet, weighing in at 92 kg.

Childhood: From Tonga to Kiwi Roots

Hoeter’s story begins in the Pacific island nation of Tonga. At the age of 5, he made the move to Auckland, New Zealand, where he laid the foundation for his rugby career with the Marist Saints. His early years in New Zealand cultivated the skills and passion that would later propel him onto the Australian rugby league stage.

The next chapter in Hoeter’s journey saw him relocate to Queensland, Australia, to pursue his education at Keebra Park State High School. It was during this time that the Wests Tigers recognized his potential and signed him, marking the beginning of a promising career in Australian rugby league.

2013-2014: The Wests Tigers’ Rising Star

In 2013 and 2014, Hoeter showcased his talents in the Wests Tigers’ National Youth Competition (NYC) team. His impressive performances earned him a spot in the Junior Kiwis train-on squad in September 2013, although an unfortunate injury prevented him from participating in the game.

Despite setbacks, Hoeter’s skills did not go unnoticed, leading to his contract extension with the Tigers in February 2014. Coach Mick Potter expressed optimism about Hoeter’s abilities, emphasizing his exceptional understanding and anticipation on the field. In September 2014, Hoeter once again found himself in the Junior Kiwis train-on squad, but another injury dashed his hopes of representing.

2015: Transition to the Wests Tigers’ First Team

In 2015, Hoeter made the leap to the Wests Tigers’ first-grade team. Playing in 7 matches, the season presented its challenges, with the team securing only one victory out of six. Although Hoeter did not manage to score tries during this period, it marked a crucial phase in his career as he gained valuable experience at the highest level.

2022-2023: A Broncos Chapter in the Rugby Tale

Hoeter’s rugby journey took another turn in 2022 as he joined the Brisbane Broncos. Over the course of two seasons, he played a total of 8 games, securing 3 wins and experiencing 5 losses. During this stint with the Broncos, Hoeter showcased his scoring prowess by crossing the try line four times, adding an attacking dimension to his already impressive skill set.

Delouise Hoeter’s rugby journey is a testament to his resilience and determination. From the early days in Tonga to the bustling rugby scenes in New Zealand and Australia, he has left an indelible mark on the sport. As he continues to evolve as a player, fans eagerly await the next chapters in the career of this talented athlete who has journeyed far from his Pacific island roots to become a prominent figure in the Australian rugby league.

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