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Tina Dabi UPSC booklist

(My own) Tina Dabi UPSC booklist for prelims and mains, GS booklist, optional booklist, political science, My actual booklist for my UPSC preparation. I because number one all over India because of these books and notes. I discuss what to read and what not.

Tina Dabi UPSC Prelims (csat) General study Booklist

Ancient History Class 12th Ncert

I only read this class’s 12th ncert book for the Ancient part. I feel this is enough material for this subject.

Medival HistoryClass 12th Ncert

Again I read the class 12th Medival history book and this book helped me a lot, I do not refer to any other specific book for this part.

Modern History (Freedom Struggle)Class 12th Ncert Bipin Chandra,
Spectrum (for additional reference)

I use both Bipin Chandra’s book and spectrum, One important thing is that after the end of each chapter spectrum gives you a summary of the whole chapter in revision points and this is very helpful because you can revise this summary and this does not take too much time.

Culture societyVajiran notes, Vision ias art and culture booklet, vision ias art and culture book.

For this topic, I use vajiram class notes, easily available on the market & amazon, but vajiram booklet is very thick that’s why I use vision ias, art and culture booklet. I bought it from amazon, vision ias booklet has only 50 pages and I feel this should be enough for the art and culture part.

Polity (theory + current) Laxmikant and vision ias current affairs

Like another topper, I also feel that Laxmikant’s polity book is the bible for the polity part but this is not enough for the polity you have to read any current affairs book I will suggest you go for vision ias pt 365.

Economy (theory + current)Vajiran class notes, vision current affairs

If we talk about the economy then I did not follow any specific book. I only follow Vjiram’s class notes, easily available on amazon. I feel that you have to read current affairs for the economy because the Indian economy and the world economy change every day and you have to be up to date yourself so current affairs are equally important.

Science (theory + current)Vajiram Coaching class notes and current affairs of vision Ias current affairs

I do not come from a science background so this part was quite difficult for me so I totally depend on vajiram class notes and current affairs. For science current affairs is the key.

Environment (theory + current)Shankar’s green book, Current affairs

For ecology, I prefer this Shankar ias academy book. If you ask me for a review of this book then I think this is enough for the environmental part but things are changing every day so current affairs are equally important.

Geography (physical) Class 11th ncert, Vajiram yellow book

Physical geography takes a little more time to prepare. I believe the class 11th ncert book is sufficient for this chapter, This book explains everything in a proper way with diagrams.

Geography (Indian) Class 10th and 12th ncert book

I only use class 10th and 12th ncert book and I feel this is sufficient for anyone and I did not prefer any other source of information.

Geography (World) Wizard’s Geography, Vajiram yellow book

Wizard’s geography launches a book in a very concise way, only this book I refer in my preparation also you can use this book for world geography.

Other national/International current affairs vision ias pt 365

I only use the current affairs booklet by vajiram and Vision ias, both are good. That depends on you what you want to use.

Scheme, policy & fillerCurrent affairs and newspaper

For scheme and polity, I prefer the newspaper. If you read the newspaper daily then you can easily cover this.

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Tina Dabi (GS 1) General studies (mains) paper 1 Booklist

Culture Vajiram notes & vision ias booklet on art and culture

I use only these two sources vajiram notes and vision ias booklet. Vision ias book on art and culture is an amazing source for the culture you can use it because it has everything that you need for the culture part.

Indian History Bipin Chandra & class 12 NCERT

Use any one source for Indian history. Chose from those two books both are good but I prefer Bipin Chandra for my UPSC preparation.

World HistoryVajiram class notes (ojha sir)

This topic is very vast and completing this chapter is very hard that’s why I use vajiram class notes by Ojha sir. You can buy these notes from the market or form online, these notes are very good as well as these notes are to the point.

Post-Independence India Vajiran class notes

Again I use Ojha sir notes for Post-Independence.

Indian SocietyVajiram class notes (rajkumar sir)

I believe you do not need any other source of Information on this topic because Rajkumar sir notes are amazing and these notes are very high-quality and he quoted lots of things.

Role of women, poverty e.t.cVajiram’s yellow book on society

vajiram yellow book is more than enough for this part.

Globalization on Indian Society Vajiram’s yellow book

I depend on Vajiram yellow book

Communalism, regionalism, SecularismVajiram’s yellow book

Again I have to say that I depend on vajiram yellow book.

World geo PhysicalVajiram yellow book

For physical geography, I did not read any book but totally depend on vajiram yellow booklet.

Resource distributionVajiramram yellow book

Factors for industrial location Vajiramram yellow book

Earthquake tsunami Vajiram notes

Impact on flora-fauna Shankar’s green environment book

I use Shankar ias book, it is very comprehensive book.

Tina Dabi (GS 2) General studies (Mains) paper 2

Indian constitution, devolution, dispute redressal e.t.cLaxmikant

If you prepared the Laxmikant book during the prelims examination then just revise this book and I think you are good to go.

Comparing the constitution with the world Vision ias handwritten notes

I am preparing this topic with vision ias handout notes and it’s in detail, at the same time it is very concise so use it.

Parliament, State LegislaturesVision ias handwritten notes, Laxmi Kant

I use both vision ias notes and laxmikant

Executive-JudiciaryVision ias handwritten notes, Laxmi Kant

Same as above

Ministries departments(did not prepare)

Pressure group, informal associationsVision ias notes

Vision ias did an amazing job on these topics because they provide you 5 to 10 pages handout, these are very detailed and I think do not need any special book for these small topics.

Representation of people’s actVajiram yellow book on polity

I use vajiram notes

Various bodies: constitutional, statutoryvision ias book

for me, vision ias small notes are very helpful and you should use these.

NGO, SHG etcVision ias notes on NGOs and shgs

Again I use vision ias hand out notes

Welfare schemes, bodiesNewspaper the hindu

I did it from The Hindu newspaper.

Social sector, health, education, HRDVision ias notes

Governance, transparency, accountabilityBijendra sir notes vajiram

Vajiram notes are also very good they give you analysis and suggestions.

e-governanceRambabu sir notes Vajiram

Rambabu sir from vajiram is an amazing person his notes help me a lot.

Role of civil serviceBijendra sir notes vajiram

You might hear about Bijendra sir his notes also help me with this topic.

Indian & neighborsShubra Mam International relation

Shubra mam political science notes are also good. I strongly recommended you to take that.

Bilateral/global grouping Current affairs

I prepared this part from current affairs.

Effects of foreign government politics on Indian interestVision ias notes

Diasora Vision ias notes

International bodies – structure mandatefocus on newspaper and current affairs

you have to read newspapers and current affairs.

Tina Dabi (GS 3) general studies (mains) paper 3 booklist

Indian economy, resource mobilization Vision ias handout notes

Small notes provided by vision ias

inclusive growthSanjeev Varma’s class notes

BudgetingSanjeev varma class notes

Sanjeev Varma provides you with coaching classes in case you did not attend then buy his book.

Major cops, irrigationDid not prepared

Agro produce- storage, marketingVision ias notes
E-technology for farmers Visin ias notes

For both of these topics I use vision ias notes

Farm subsidies, MSPShyam Sundar’s notes

PDS, buffer, food securityShyam sundar’s notes

Note of Shyam sundar sir is amazing. Direct question do come from these topics.

Technology missionDid not prepared

Animal rearing economicsVision ias notes

Again i use vision ias hand written notes

Food ProcessingSanjeeb Verma notes
Land reformsShyam Sundar sir notes
LiberalizationSanjeeb verma notes
InfraSanjeeb verma notes
Investment modelsSanjeeb verma notes

Sanjeed sir notes from Vajiram

Science and tech day-to-day lifeDid not prepared

Indian achievement in sci-techDid not prepared

Awareness in it, space, biotech, nano, IPRCurrent affaires

I only depend on current affairs

Environment impact assessmentShankar academy green book

Like many others, Shankar ias green book is the key.

Disaster ManagementVision ias notes

Non-state actors, internal securityVajiram yellow book

Internal security – role of media, social networking siteVajiram notes

Cyber securityvajiram book on national security

Money launderingvajiram book on national security

Border Managementvajiram book on national security

Organized crime, terrorismvajiram book on national security

Security agencies-structure mandatevajiram book on national security

For these topics use only one book and it’s vajiram yellow book on national security, it’s a very very detailed book and vajiram use diagrams as well I use this book for my UPSC preparation. I believe this is more than enough for these topics.

Tina dabi (GS 4) General Studies 4, Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude Booklist

Ethics and interface, family, society, and all the other topicsVajiram yellow book

It is a very tricky paper, people do miss this one but this paper can get you some extra marks. I completed this chapter from vajiram yellow book.

Attitude, moral influence e.t.cPathak sir’s notes

Civil service: integrity, impartiality, tolerance to the weak, etcPathak sir’s notes

Emotional intelligence, its use in governancePathak sir’s notes

For these three topics, I use Pathak’s sir notes. He gives you all the important points and he uses quotes and his own comments. You can use them as your answer and that can give you god marks.

Probility in governance, work cultureVajiram yellow book
Moral thinkers of India and worldVajiram yellow book

Fro these Two topics I use vajiram yellow book.

Ethics, accountability, laws, rulesBijendra sir notes

Corporate governanceBijendra sir notes

Citizen charter, ethics code, work cultureBijendra sir notes

Challenges of corruptionBijendra sir notes

These notes of Bijendra sir are amazing because he compiled these notes from various sources so these notes are very high-quality notes so I will recommend you please go for these notes.

Case studies on above topicsAccess publication book on ethics

This is a very important chapter please do not ignore this topic, I ignore this topic for some time, and later I realize how much important this chapter was.