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These history books are recommended by the last 5 year’s UPSC toppers like Anudeep Durishetty, Kanishak Kataria, Pradeep Singh, Shubham Kumar, and Shruti Sharma we take with each of them after that we provide you with this information so we think the main question was Which books should I prefer for history while I am preparing for the UPSC examination? let’s find it out through the topper’s mind.


History book for Prelims examination by toppers recommendation

Modern HistorySpectrum

Why spectrum is the most important book for prelims examination?

Spectrum has an Indian struggle for independence it also includes the coming of Europeans to India, it took post-1947 history in it so it is a complete book itself. This book is given in an informational format so it is a little easy to revise and memorize the important things. Revise this book more than 3 to 4 times it will help you. One more important thing is that a list at the of this book given and this list is very important you have to read this part.

Ancient Old ncert book of Rn Sharma of class 11th
Medieval IndiaNcert book of class 11th

The question was is it good enough for Ancient & Medieval history?

Yes, this is good enough for ancient and medical history. Ancient is more important than Medieval history because questions do come from Ancient history rather than medical history. These ncert books are thick and factually intensive and it has lots of information.

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History book for GS examination by toppers recommendation

Art and cultureNcert fine art book, An introduction to Indian art class 11th book, Nitin Singhania book.

Why so many books on Art and culture?

Because of this, every year so many questions come from art and culture and those questions are a little tricky so this is important that you read from different sources even toppers told us that current affairs are also important for art and culture, let’s say Kashmir files move in the news so it is important for us to know about Kashmir.

Modern Indian History
The freedom of struggle
Spectrum or Indian struggle for independence

So which book you should read spectrum or Indian struggle for independence by Bipinchandra?

Both books are good. In spectrum, things are given in points format, and in Bipinchandra’s book, things are given in story format. If you like story format then go for Bipinchandra’s book, if you like notes format then you should go for spectrum. One thing you can do was first read the Bipinchandras book revise it 2 to 3 times then go for spectrum more than 90% content are same but there are a few minor differences in both books.

Post-Independence IndiaSpectrum

Why spectrum book for post-independence?

There is another book that you can read, India’s since independence by Bipin Chandra but this book is very bulky and it has unnecessary content that you do not need to read so it is very hard to cover the entire book rather go for Spectrum, it is very compiled and easy to read and if you read spectrum them you do not need to make notes just underline the important things.

World HistoryNcert class 11h book (themes and world history)

Very few questions come from world history but you have to prepare this topic. This class 11th ncert book is more than enough for the world you really do not need any special book but in case you can’t find this book then go for History of the modern world by Jain and Mathur book this book has lots of chapters and it is a very detailed book.