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Best book for medieval history for UPSC, toppers like Satyan Gandhi, and Shruti Sharma & teachers like Ojha sir, Tanu Jain & many others recommended this book.

Best book for medieval history for UPSC
Ncert book of class 11th By- Satish Chandra’s book (Medieval India old edition)

Why this book is the best book for Medieval history in the UPSC examination?

So this an Ethics book and this book comprehensively cover the whole Medieval history that you need for the UPSC examination. This book is written for Indian students that’s why the writer Satish Chandra uses very easy words, you can understand each and every word that is written in this book. One more important factor is that this book is recommended by toppers like Satyam Gandhi, Tina Dabi, Akshat Jain, Shruti Sharma & many other UPSC toppers, even teachers like Ojha sir, Tanu Jain, Mrunal sir also recommended this book for medieval India.

How to study Medieval India book (road map)

It is hard to complete the whole book because it has so many chapters and periods so what can we do, create batches– This book starts with 800-1200 AD, and this time periods are completed in chapters 1 to 4 so read those chapters find out what happened in those periods and then jump to 1200-1500 AD so take few chapters which are similar in nature in one bunch, This will help you to create mind maps year wise.

Another example- In this book chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 (1500 AD) These chapters talk about mostly Mughals, so what you can do was take these chapters and make a bunch and start reading. This will help you to make mindmaps for Medieval India as well as through this process it will be easy for you to memorize things.

The second benefit of this method:- Through this process, revision of this book became easier because you can focus on Important chapters or areas. After watching the previous year’s question you can find out from which chapters or areas UPSC asks most of the questions, then you can focus on those chapters only.

What are the important topics in Medieval India?

Every year questions do come from these areas or chapters so give extra attention to those chapters. Focus on these things, and make short not’s of 3 to 4 pages about these topics. It will help you in revision and memorizing things.

  • Literature

  • Air, painting, Sculpture e.t.c

  • Sufi & Bhakti movements & Saints (Which saints lived at the time of which king)

  • Special achievements (any particular king)

  • architecture

  • most important Battles (focus on those 10 battles of that time)

  • School of thoughts/philosophy

  • contemporaries

  • Important people’s