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Best book for ancient Indian

What is the best Ancient History books for UPSC?

india’s Ancient past by Rs Sharma book is the best book for UPSC ancient history because, this recommended by toppers as well as teachers like Tanu Jain, Ojha sir, and Mrunal sir even toppers like Manuj Jindal, Anu kumari, shruti Sharma, Akshat Jain read this book for their UPSC preparation.

India’s Ancient pastAuthor- Rs Sharma

Why India’s Ancient past is the best book for the Indian Ancient past?

  • The readability of this book is pretty good and it’s easy to understand. When you start your first reading of this book you will start to understand the material that’s why you can find out what are the Important things for UPSC preparation.

  • This book covers the entire Ancient history, that’s why you do not need any other source of information.

  • This book is written in Chronological order and also Includes lots of facts, ancient images, figures

  • This book is available in the Hindi language as well as the English language, this is an extra advantage for Hindi medium students.

  • This book contains some extra chapters like the Varna system, trade, and Developments in science. these chapters are important sometimes questions do come from these chapters, some other books are also available in the market but they did not cover these chapters.

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Which Chapter are covered in India’s Ancient past book

This book’s first chapter starts with a deep analysis of the Significance of ancient Indian history, the origin and growth of civilization, religion and empire, language, society, culture, and Human revolution are also covered in this book, it also added deep analysis of Mayuryas, Satvahanasa, Guptas, Harshavardhana, Central Asian countries. As we told you that they also added some extra chapters, That’s why experts are recommending this book.

Which chapters are important in Ancient History for UPSC?

Some special chapters are very important in Ancient history, they need special attention. Art and culture is a must-read chapter in ancient history, Buddhism and Jainism, the Philosophy of ancient India (Vedas, Upanishads, 6 schools of philosophy, Dharmashastras, Puranas), Society (women, professions, caste, economics), Maurya and Gupta Ages, are equally important chapter, If you look at the previous year question paper then you can find out that almost every year question’s do come from these chapters.

Which ancient history book is best for the UPSC, R.S. Sharma or A.L. Basham?

Both books are good enough but A.L. Basham included lots of unnecessary materials that you do not need to read, this book’s readability is a little harder if we compare it with Rs Sharma’s book, also this book has 975 pages, whereas R.S Sharma’s book has only 620 pages but they are very informational. A.L Bhasma did not covers all the chapters, and Basham’s book is hard to find in local stores.