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Anu kumari {complete} UPSC booklist for mains & prelims, optional, sociology, IAS, strategy, advice, Her own strategy.

Anu Kumari booklist

Anu Kumari booklist for GS1


NCERT books for history
(Must read).
Class 6th to 12th NCERT books
Modern Indian History
(must read)
Spectrum (green cover small book)
Politics in India since Independence- class 12th ncert

I don’t want to have too much information or source, I want to minimize my study materials that’s why I chose these books and I think this is enough for anyone. you can find this book online get it and read it this is a very important book this book helps me a lot in the preparation for my ups examination.

Freedom Struggle
(must read book)
A brief history of modern India By spectrum

Post-Independence India
(must read book)
Nitin Sangwan notes
World History
(must-read book)
Class 9th social science book,
Contemporary world politics- class 12th polity book

Ancient & Medieval historyTamilnadu class 11th ncert book,
Our Past– 1,2,3 Ncert books
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Art & culture

NCERTClass 11th an introduction to Indian art

This book is easy to read, it is a very small book and it has only vital points that you have to read. This book helps you in the Prelims exam and in the mains exam as well.

Indian art and cultureIndian art and culture by Nitin Singhania

This is a very thick book and this book has too much information but I read this book very thoroughly. After completing my UPSC examination I think this is not as much important as I think because the output and input ratio is very less.


Ncert Book
(must read book)
Class 11th and 12th NCERT books, 2 books from each stander.

Geography Video MS. Rajtanit (
(must read)
Oxford student atlas for India
(4th edition)

Remaining topics

Indian society and the diversity of India,
women, population, urbanization, poverty &
development issues
book by Bitasta Das
Effects of Globalization on Indian Society
G.N Karalay
Social empowerment, communalism,
regionalism & secularism

(Just go through)
online notes

Anu kumari booklist for GS2

Constitution and Polity

Indian Constitution at work
(class 11th ncert)

From this ncert book, I only read two things, 1. Comparison of presidential & parliamentary form GOVT, 2. Comparison of first past the post and proportional representation system.

Indian polity
(must read book)
Indian polity by Laxmikanth

I read this book and I read every word of this book, For me, this book is like a bible. I don’t have any knowledge of this topic, I started from scratch and this book cleared my all doubts.


2nd arc report
(Must read)
2nd arc report
1th, 4th, 9th, 10th,
11th, and 12th

Current Affairs
(must read)
Editorials of the Hindu newspaper,
PRS– government website
PBI– government website

social justice

1. Government policies and intervention
2. Welfare scheme bodies constituted for vulnerable selection
3. Social sector, health, education, Human resources
4. Issues relating to poverty and hunger
(must read)
current affairs, The Hindu newspaper,
PIB- Press Information Bureau,
Niti ayog’s- Three years action agenda,
budget and economy survey.

International Relationship

International relationship
(must read)
Current affairs,
editorials- The Hindu newspaper
Ministry of external affairs website

Anu kumari booklist for GS3


Indian economy
(for basic understanding)
Sriram IAS Printed notes
Current Affairs
(must read)
The Hindu editorials,
current affairs
PIB- Press information bureau
Budget & economy survey


(Must read)
Environment by Shankar IAS
Current affairs
(must read)
Current affairs,
editorials- The Hindu newspaper
PMF ias website

Internal Security

Internal Security
(must read)
Internal security & disaster management
by- Ashok Kumar and vipul

Current affairs
(must read)
Current affairs,
editorials- The Hindu newspaper

Disaster Management

2nd ARC report
(must read)
2nd arc third report-crisis management

(must read)
Ndma guidelines

Science & technology

Current affair
(must read)

current affairs

The Hindu editorials

Anu Kumari booklist for GS4


(must read)
G Subbarao’s ethic book

Anu kumari (optional) Soci ology booklist and strategy

Paper 1

(must read)
Upendra Gaur notes (Handwritten Notes), Tushar Anshu’s notes, sitash tagi notes,

Paper 2

(must read)
Mahapatra notes (handwritten notes)